More cupcakes to try

I’ve been looking into more bakeries to try cupcakes – I don’t really know why. I am working on the blogTO list and I have only tried two shops from that list – The Wedding Cake Shoppe and Miss Cora’s Kitchen (reviews soon!)

But more to add to the list!

1. The Cupcakery

2. Lollicakes

3. Flour Girls

4. Eat My Words

So I now have a total of 11 bakeries to try. I guess this also means more trips to the gym for me.

Other Montreal Food

Montreal was about Oshega, but it was also about the food…

From left to right, top to bottom: Chorizo taco from the Grumman 78 taco truck; the Grumman 78 taco truck; Zee’s poutine with spicy beef and a pulled pork sandwich with a side of coleslaw; huge BBQ shrimp with chili sauce and lime from Magnam; black forest ham, swiss cheese and an apple chutney of sorts in a crepe that was a blend of white flour and buckwheat flour from Une Crepe?; The Godfather omelette from Ben & Florentine; a Quebec breakfast chain that is better than Cora’s and is coming to Toronto in 2012!