The Orchard

It’s fall and the weather is beautiful and there are so many magical recipes to be made that involve large amounts of cinnamon and brown sugar! We went to an apple orchard in Stouffville, The Applewood Farm Orchard and Winery. This place is the ultimate apple picking experience – goats, a hayride, a pumpkin patch, a corn maze, a winery, pies and of course, apple picking!

We picked one bushel of Cortland apples (also known as 20 pounds or about 42 apples). According to my mom, who makes the best apple pie in the world, one pie takes about eight apples which means I could make five different pies (which some people encouraged…)

Half of the apples are at GC’s and I brought the other half on public transit for about 1.5 hours. That is a dedication to baking to bring about 10 pounds of apples on the bus…

So anyway. I have all these apples and I have never baked a pie. I wanted to ease into huge amount of apple related baking so I decided to make Apple Cinnamon Muffins from my 500 Best Muffins Recipes book. I bought this book probably a year ago and I haven’t used it yet and this recipe disappointed. There wasn’t enough apple and the had this streusal-esque topping that was basically all flour so it wasn’t cinnamon-y and delicious. Muffin fail but luckily it only used one apple! 41 more to go!

My first paid baking job!

MY FIRST PAID BAKING JOB (In theory, the Italian baking was “paid” but the money just covered the cost of supplies and I got a gift card for Michaels)!!!! My boss approached me about a month ago to bake for a birthday party for her daughter and three other five year olds. I bring in baking to work all the time – so often that a bunch of my co-workers got together and created a “baking fund” for myself and some of the other bakers in the office. Everyone loves the cake pops when I brought them in for the first time (almost a year ago!) and after I brought in my first set of whoopie pies was when my boss approached me about baking.

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Christmas 2010

I don’t cook. I can make a pretty decent breakfast – whether you want oatmeal, eggs, crepes or a muffin, but I typically don’t cook. This is a problem. Right now, I live at home but eventually I will have to become an adult and fend for myself.

The first cooking challenge I took on was the Italian Christmas dinner in 2010.

Homemade cranberry sauce, turkey, brown sugar glazed carrots, brussel sprouts with bacon and cranberries, a citrus salad, stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy. Yum.

This was my first cooking challenge and I would like to take on more. In the past few months I have bought far too many cook books and I am giving myself the challenge of not buying more until I make EVERYTHING in those books (of course, excluding things I cannot eat or things that I just would never eat, which are a very few things). This is my challenge, my sister Liz is coming along for the ride. Get excited!