Chocolate-Caramel Cookie Bars

The Best of Martha Stewart Living Holiday Handbook. Holiday magic at its finest. I don’t want to admit how many specialty cookie magazine and holiday books that I have because I clearly have an addiction. But let’s just say, it is a lot. But not enough that if I see more of these magazines in grocery store checkouts, I will not be able to say no.

After flipping through the pages of the magazine, I could not get the Chocolate-Caramel Cookie Bars out of my mind.

So not my most appetizing-looking dessert. I had a few issues.

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Mini Twix Cheesecake

On Thursday at work I was doing a lot of thinking about cheesecake and of course, this resulted in cravings for cheesecake. Now, I have my own theories and feelings about cheesecake. Yes, I love cheesecake. But no, I don’t think homemade is always better. Cheesecake is expensive and time consumming to make and most people cannot tell the difference from store-bought versus homemade. And, if you are just getting your run-of-the-mill New York-style cheesecake, I would suggest going to the grocery store and spending $6 on a cheesecake that will delightfully satisfy anywhere between 1-6 people!

On Friday at work we had mini-mini pumpkin cheesecakes which were good but did not satisfy my craving. They were made in the mini muffin tins that give you 24 per tray so needless to say this left me wanting more. I showed restraint at work and only had 1 because I knew I would satisfy my craving later…

Mini Twix Cheesecakes!

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Herbed Blinis

Breakfast is my speciality. I think it’s because I actually have the opportunity to make breakfast and it’s fairly easy. I came across this recipe on tastespotting last week and I knew I had to make them as a special breakfast surprise on Saturday for GC.

I made one substitution – I used smoked salmon instead of cooking salmon. It was an easy and quick way to make this breakfast. I think it also make this seem more like a breakfast food then an appetizer which it actually is. These were delicious and there was enough that they were breakfast on Saturday and Sunday! I think these would be great on Christmas morning with bellinis.

The recipe is under the cut.

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Dlish – Part II

We went to Dlish today… Again.

Cookies n’ Cream cupcake. The cupcake itself wasn’t really cookies n’ creamy but the icing was creamy, and tasted like Oreo goodness.

My only tip about this bakery – go early (my icing was slightly crunchy), check what cupcakes are being served that day and if you are only get one, it will be in a bag that GC swears looks like an airline barf bag. Delicious.

I ate my cupcake sitting in a park in beautiful 15 degree November weather. Perfection.

Made in Mexico Bar and Cantina

A little over four months ago, shop a cute little Mexican place opened up on the main street of Newmarket, prostate called Made In Mexico Bar and Cantina.

I have been a handful of times with people from work and I am trying to get different things off the menu because it is a massive menu and everything looks delicious.

In the past I have had the pork carnitas quesadillas, the pork carnitas burrito and the fish tacos. And of course, margaritas.

The spread on our table tonight was two strawberry margaritas, two lime margaritas, a plate of pancho villa nachos, pork carnitas chimichangas, tortilla soup and guacamole and chips. Delicious.

Next time – churros. I have seen them the past two times I have gone but I have always been too full. They come with an amazing caramel dipping sauce and they are covered with cinnamon sugar. Yum!