Lemon Cupcakes

About a week ago I made these Meyer Lemon Cupcakes from Martha Stewart (this recipe isn’t listed on her website! But I got it from her cupcake book) for a co-worker’s birthday. I know, I know. A week later and the post goes up.

1. I made them because my co-worker sent me a list of desserts his mother had told him he loved as a kid. This list included cherry pound cake, scotch cakes (what these are, I do not know…) and lemon pie. Since I had never made any of these things and pie isn’t really conducive to sharing with 15+ people at work I thought I would make lemon cupcakes of some sort.

2. At my grocery store, there are lemons. It does not specify what type of lemons and there is only one basket of lemons. I don’t know if I got Meyer lemons or even if there are other lemons. I clearly need to educate myself about the various species of citrus fruits that exist.

3. This recipe uses a lot of eggs. A LOT. 17 to be exact. Which is fine because at the time we had 4 dozen eggs in the fridge for some strange reason. Needless to say, these cupcakes are a heart attack in a cute wrapper.

4. The curd is the best part. So citrus and lemony. Yum. I didn’t use freshly squeezed lemon juice because that would have required 6 lemons which is slightly ridiculous. I’m sure Martha would judge me but no one I gave them to could tell the difference.

5. The cupcakes were very dense and I wasn’t crazy about that. There is cream cheese in the cupcakes so it is supposed to be this way but I think a lighter cake would compliment the curd much nicer.

6. Excessively large recipe – it makes 42 cupcakes! Why is this necessary?! It is fine because everyone at work was able to have seconds, and thirds but I feel slightly bad about secretly raising everyone’s cholesterol.

7. I made one slight mistake of piping the curd on top of the cupcake instead of piping some of it into the cupcake. Maybe this would have made it less dense and would have made the two elements of the cupcake work more in sync with one another.

8. Everyone loved these but from what I can tell it was because of the curd. I think I need to find a recipe that uses this curd in a different way.

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