Pain Perdu

We decided to keep it low key this weekend and by low key I mean we weren’t going out for food constantly. We are trying to be fiscally responsible and healthy by cooking more at home and going out for food on special occasions. Next weekend we are going out for Winterlicious so this seemed like a good time to start all of this.

Now that being said, we went out for breakfast on Saturday. Fail. We had to go the grocery store to pick up stuff to make lunch (more on that later!) and this was quick – Pain Perdu for croissants.

Now this is actually a GC discovery/suggestion. He first took me here in the summer and we got croissants, lattes and a piece of quiche and had a charming picnic in a roundabout’s parkette. How very French of us.

We went back on Saturday for croissants. The bakery is located on St. Clair West at Wychwood on the north side of the street. There is a patio which is open in the summer but on Saturday was covered in a thin layer of snow. It is tiny with 5 or so tables for sitting and enjoying coffees, sandwiches and pastries – very bistro. It has a very warm, rustic feel which makes you instantly feel comfortable and as if you are in someone’s home. The display cases taunt you with about 4 different types of quiches and other pastries but don’t let this distract you from why you came – the croissants!!!

1. Can we talk about how charming this take out bag is? It is so French and sunny and I wish I could start every day off to work with a latte and this bag full of deliciousness.

2. I got the chocolate croissant and GC got a regular croissant. They are both crunchy on the outside but then so flaky and light on the inside. The chocolate in my croissant was smooth and creamy as if it just came out of the oven but it didn’t!

3. We had a slice of the onion and bacon quiche. Light, fluffy, creamy and BACON! I love quiche. I just need to figure out how to make myself one quiche at a time. Or I can continue to get slices of quiche from Pain Perdu…

4. We had a picnic in the car because there was no space in the bakery. We think we are pretty cute.

5. Here is what Toronto Life and BlogTO think. I love this place and I vow to never eat a croissant from a Pillsbury tube or from Tim Horton’s again. And I think you should all do the same.

6. Oh! Best part:

I want to learn how to ride a bike and get an adorable one like this. But what would my sign say? Taste Buddies? And I could have a yellow bike! And a basket! For putting cupcakes in!

Have a croissant, sit in the sun and smile.

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