Caplansky’s Smoked Meat

Caplansky’s is a traditional, Jewish deli located on College Street, near Kensington Market. They are known for their smoked meat sandwiches and their newest addition to the team, a food truck called Thunderin’ Thelma.

GC passes Caplansky’s on his way to work every day and therefore, he has been tempted every day for over four years. So we decided to succumb to temptation and go for Sunday brunch.

Caplansky’s is everything a good deli should be – busy, tables full of regulars, a deli counter where you can buy meat and bread, mismatched tables and chairs and checkered floor tiles. I would love to become a regular at this place but I would have to be careful what I order in that this is traditional, Jewish deli food – salty, fatty deliciousness.

I love when my place mat is my menu. I don’t know it’s just something that I get a kick out of. I think it’s because after I have ordered I can still look at the menu and salivate over all the options. I am already thinking of what to have on my next visit. I also love that you can order a side pickle. Sometimes when I go out for food I base my order on the fact that I will get a side pickle. Yes, my background is Eastern European and I love pickled products.

GC got the “Fresser” Smoked Meat sandwich. Fresser is Yiddish for glutton. I do love when Yiddish makes it way into every day conversation/menu and when it can find itself into a pun, The servers were wearing shirts that said something along the lines of being “old schul.” Perfection. Back to the sandwich. When you order your smoked meat sandwich you choose between lean, medium and fatty cuts of meat so you can be a little more sensible or a complete fresser. The meat is flavourful without being too salty, and can be complimented by a range of different mustards. And then topped with a pickle! And a side of sweet, vinegary coleslaw. This could be my new favourite meal. And I didn’t even order it.

This burger was the special that day – the patty is a combination of smoked meat and ground beef topped with a latke, a sunny side up egg, and some smoked meat. Juicy, tender, meaty yums. My only complaint – I wanted more smoked meat. And maybe a whole pickle.

On our way out we ran into a few old friends that I lived with in university. Good food bringing people together. Does it get much better than that on a Sunday morning?

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