Vanilla on Vanilla

A couple weeks ago I had a mad cupcake craving. Now the problem with living in the suburbs (yes, pill the main and only problem) is that lack of bakeries. If one is craving a cupcake or any other fresh baked good they have to go to the local grocery. Although these desserts are made fresh and are delicious, tadalafil sometimes you just need a something a little more fancy, rx a little more fresh. This resulted in me baking cupcakes.

Standard vanilla on vanilla cupcakes from Martha Stewart.

The cake was just your regular vanilla buttermilk cake base (except for some bizarre reason the recipe called for 5 whole eggs and 3 egg yolks! Why is that necessary!?) But the icing! I want to top every cake with this icing. It was sweet and buttery without having that awful gritty, sugar texture that a lot of icings have.

Happy cupcake baking and eating!

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