Fettuccine Primavera

I made this last weekend for dinner on Sunday night and it was so good that I made it again for my Dad and Liz for dinner yesterday,

This recipe is from the Kraft What’s Cooking magazine (the recipe can be found here) and it super easy.

Just some notes on this recipe:

1. I love that this is one pot cooking (plus cooking your pasta). Less dishes means I can enjoy my food that much more because I am not dreading the mountain of dishes waiting for me.

2. I think I would blanch the asperagus before grilling it. It has a great crunch but I think it is too crunchy. The zucchini becomes so tender and absorbs all the garlic taste. I think that’s why the asperagus seems particularly crunchy because zucchini can quickly turn mushy.

3. The dill cream cheese doesn’t really melt well. Both times I have made this recipe I have gotten impatient and just mixed it in. Maybe next time I will try and wait. Or continue doing what I have been doing because it seems to be working.

4. This recipe is very inexpensive to make – when I bought all the ingredients yesterday it only cost me $13.54 and I had bought my ingredients from Loblaws which is notoriously expensive.

Light, summery and fresh. I will be making this recipe about once a week all summer. It can only get better with fresh, Ontario produce.


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