My First Pie – Martha’s Mile High Lemon Meringue Pie

We all know why I don’t make pie. But sometimes you need to get over things. I decided to make my first pie for Easter dinner. I made Martha Stewart’s Mile High Lemon Meringue Pie.

1. In theory, this pie is perfect. In actuality, it was a failure,

2. I do not like Martha’s pie crust recipe. She uses Pate Brisee crust but I should have listened to my mom and used the recipe on the shortening box. Rookie move and now I have another pie crust in my freezer.

3. I need pie weights. Or dried beans. My crust shrank slightly and came away from the edge of the pie pan. I also need to learn what to do with my edges, this looks slightly terrible.

4. The lemon filling was AMAZING. Using real lemon makes such a difference. So citrus and fresh tasting, it was like a glass of lemonade in each bite. If only we could have enjoyed the pie.

5, This brings us to the meringue. I think it didn’t work for a number of reasonsĀ  – a) I had my oven on, so the kitchen was ridiculously hot b) I used egg white substitute instead of real egg whites c) I didn’t put the sugar in at the right time. I listened to Martha Stewart over my mom. I called my mom after my meringue was failing and she set me straight, put the sugar in right at the end and d) I didn’t whip the eggs long enough.

I thought I had whipped my eggs long enough and the meringue looked decent, but it did not set well. Even filling my blow torch was a headache. I couldn’t figure it out, and then I gave in and let GC take over and we finally gotĀ  it to work. The blow torch is amazing and I can’t wait to use it on creme brulee or on marshmellows.

I torched the meringue and everything looked beautiful. I should have put it in the fridge once I was done, but I didn’t. Who knows why. We get in the car to go pick up my sister and the meringue starts shifting on top of the lemon. By the time we get to my sister’s apartment the meringue has slipped onto my lap and eventually ends up on the dash of the car and the passenger side doors. We left the pie on my sister’s counter and continued on our way to Easter dinner.

6. For a first attempt, I think it went pretty well. The pie looked good, and the individual components tasted delicious. Next time it’s just a matter of getting everything to stick together. Luckily my mom had the foresight to make two pies and now I have half of a pie made by my mom in my fridge.

Stay tuned to future pie attempts.

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