Food Truck Eats – Peller Estates

On Victoria Day Monday I went to Niagara-on-the-Lake with my parents and GC for Food Trucks Eat – Peller Estates Edition.

I am very hopeful that the fact that this poster has the year 2012 on the truck means that this event will become an annual event. This is the best food truck event I have been to and I want to go back to bad! May Victoria weekend 2013 – who’s coming?!

We met up with my parents and headed down to Niagara. First stop, Welland to check out the Welland Canal. Yes, we are that kind of family.

Then we headed to Niagara. We arrived at Peller at about 11:30, half an hour before the gates opened. And this was the line:

The line ahead of us.

And the line behind us. And it got bigger. But it’s ok. Chef Jason Parsons was full of energy, running back and forth between everywhere talking to people, and letting everyone know how much time was left until we got to experience the deliciousness.

There were 16 trucks from Southern Ontario and the United States, live music and of course, wine. Each truck had wine pairings posted with their menu to give you the full experience of being at an award-winning winery. The band was great – they played a mix of classic rock and new rock, the perfect compliment to great food and wine. It was the perfect atmosphere to enjoy some good food, some good wine and some great company.

We were strategic – we came with a list of all the vendors, decided which ones would be the hottest and which ones we wanted to try. We knew we wouldn’t be able to try them all (unfortunately) so we settled on 4 – it’s not as sad and as poor of an attempt as it seems.

Our first stop was Buster’s Sea Cove. The original location is at St. Lawrence Market but since we had never tried them, we thought it was as good a time as any. Oh, and they were serving lobster rolls. This truck is the first seafood centric food truck in Ontario and is a little more upscale from their location at St. Lawrence Market.

I love how this truck is designed. It is wrapped in an eerie, ocean scene which makes you feel like you are on the edge of a dock about to swamped by a tidal wave. You can almost smell the ocean salt and hear seagulls.

Although I love fish tacos I got a lobster roll; I had never had one and missed out at the Toronto Underground Market. And it was a good decision.

Just looking at this again is making me a little excited. This isn’t your average lobster roll – it isn’t drowned in mayo to the point of being unrecognizable. This is a lobster roll that highlights lobster and all its greatness. The lobster was buttery, and fruity, with a hint of citrus highlighted with a squeeze of lemon. There was so much lobster in this roll. You could make out claws of deliciousness. The dressing was light, and creamy and the bun was perfectly toasted with light butter. And a side pickle! Who knew that was even a thing with lobster rolls! And a side of crisps – Ms Vickie’s, the perfect compliment for seafood.

I am planning on visiting this truck/vendor as often as I can/my health/budget will allow me to. If you haven’t had lobster or a lobster roll, you need to have one of these as soon as possible. This was a favourite of the day for my parents and GC. I think it was my favourite too but I am debating between this and the oysters we had next…

Our next stop was Tide and Vine.

The van alone had me sold. I say to GC all the time that if I am forced to get my license I want to drive something like this. It’s retro, playful and classic.

This was my first time having oysters. I love the theatrics of having oysters. They are freshly shucked to order, they are served on ice, and these oysters had seaweed wrapped around them, illustrating how fresh they are. The only thing I can’t handle is watching them be shucked. I love watching it, and could watch this for hours but mini heart attacks would accompany this. I kept waiting for someone to slice off a finger.

We all ordered the Shucker’s Threesome: Cucumber Dirty Martini, Strawberry Daiquiri and the Spicy Caesar.

Do not believe anything you hear about oysters – they are not slimy, snotty, overly salty grossness. They are smooth, succulent, salty and perfect. Each topping added something different to the rich oysters – the cucumber cut the saltiness of the oyster, the strawberry contrasted the saltiness and the Caesar gave you a great kick of heat. This was an amazing introduction to oysters and I plan to have them again and again.

Our third stop was Dobri Jesti.

A food truck serving up Eastern European fare – clearly we had to check this out. I ordered the classic Schnitzel, GC ordered The Hunter, and we split a Risotto Rice Ball and an order of Mr. Schnitz’s Bits.

This risotto ball is better than the other ones I have had – instead of being tomato based it was cheesy, garlicky and creamy. The outside was crispy and crunchy. I wish we had ordered more than one to share. That was a rookie move.

The schnitzel was crispy and the hint of lemon brought out the subtle flavours that pork can have. The bun was a bit dry and too big for the fact that I wanted to eat more that day. Since it didn’t add anything to my sandwich, I just ate the schnitzel..

Mr. Schnitz’s Bits or garlic donuts were heavenly. Warm, doughy, buttery with the perfect hit of garlic and salt. They were dense but they were so good. This was my favourite thing from Dobro Jesti.

I think for their first food truck event they did very well – you could tell they were new because they had a few issues with timing and dealing with the line up but everyone was friendly and excited about food. We only waited in line for about 10-15 minutes which is extremely reasonable for a food truck. I can’t wait to see them at a future food event!

Next we went inside to beat the heat and taste three wines – a rose, a white and an ice wine.

The wine cooled us down and got us ready for eating more food. Onto El Gastronomo Vagabundo!

I have been wanting to try El Gastro for over a year. At every food truck event they have insane line ups and I am always jealous of people walking away from the truck smiling and with amazing food. But not this time!

Both GC and I and my parents got one chicken taco and one fish taco to share – four tacos in all.

Tacos do not photograph well. Let’s talk about the taco I liked less first – the chicken taco. I found the chicken tough and overcooked. It had very little spice to it. The fish taco on the other hand – holy smokes. The cabbage was sweet and crunchy, the cilantro was fresh and fish was flaky and seasoned nicely. The sauce on the fish was so spicy and good! I think this is one of the better fish tacos I have tried. I am excited to try this again…

We thought we could handle one more snack but when we saw the line at Toasted Tangerine we bailed. We knew we would feel too full by the time we were able to order so we grabbed some treats for the ride home.

4 bags of popcorn from Shriner’s Creek Kettle Popcorn – yes, this is excessive but I love this popcorn and I only get it about once every 6 months.

The cheddar tastes like real cheese and is a little smoky. The black truffle flavour doesn’t come across well – it just tasted salty and slightly buttery which for popcorn is still yummy. I still haven’t tried the Cabernet Sauvignon so I will keep you posted on how that one tastes. It kind of is throwing me off that it is an almost fluorescent pink but I’m sure it will be tasty. The Caramel Apple pie was perfect. It was colour-coded to taste and each bite truly tasted like a piece of apple pie. It has been less than a week and I only have one bag left, we should have bought more…

And cupcakes from the Cupcake Diner. I know, I know.

Top row: Strawberry Shortcake, Chocolate Dolce de Leche, Banana Coconut
Bottom row: 2 Caramel Apple Pie and another Chocolate Dolce de Leche.

This was kind of my mom’s birthday celebration – we brought candles, a lighter and sang Happy Birthday in a parking lot.

I only actually got to try the Caramel Apple Pie and I thought it was delicious. I think the cake could have had a touch more cinnamon to it but the cake was a delicate base of the rich icing. It was very good. I think I have found my Cupcake Diner cupcake.

We had a few token Niagara sites to check out before we went home. First we went to Kurtz Orchards Farm & Marketplace. Although there is many jams, spreads and preserves here that are all very tasty we opted to enjoy the view instead.

Followed by the Centennial Lilac Garden and the Floral Clock.

On the way home we stopped at Hillebrand Winery for another wine tasting.

This was an amazing day. The lines were manageable and not excessively long. There was a great assortment of vendors and different flavours. The wine was good and perfectly paired with all the trucks. There was free water that was readily available¬† so no one would get dehydrated. There was ample seating and tables to stand at so you didn’t have to precariously hold plates while trying to enjoy yourself. The band was cool and played great music. I loved everything about this day and I am really hoping that they do another one in the fall (wishful thinking) or next year.

Niagara is a beautiful area and there is so much to do and discover. I can`t wait to go back and discover more wineries, food and beauty.

Friday Night at the ROM

On Friday night, Cynthia had the idea that we should go to the ROM for Friday Night Live @ROM.

It’s an interesting idea – Fridays from April 10 to June 22 you can go for drinks and music and hang out with dinosaurs. Obviously this is an amazing idea because alcohol and dinosaurs make everything better. The drinking, dancing and eating is restricted to the main floor but you can go and explore all the other exhibits. If you are thinking of hosting an event at the ROM this is a cheap preview.

There were a few different food vendors there and this is the point of me writing about this. There was 4 different food vendors: c5, Loic Gourmet to Go, JK Frites and Waffle Bar and here is what they were serving up:

c5: elegant noodle take out, a signature dish by celebrity chef Corbin Tomaszeski. We didn’t try the noodles because we felt that we could have that/something similar to that anytime – no offense Corbin. I do want to try c5 at some point in the future.

Loic Gourmet to Go: local & artisan made pulled chicken sandwich. LOIC’s own BBQ sauce and gherkins. Veggie option too. Cynthia and I got both, had them cut in half and shared them. I preferred the pulled chicken, Cynthia preferred the ratatouille veggie option. The BBQ sauce was good but the gherkins were random… I don’t think their salty, crunch worked with the rich BBQ sauce.

JK Frites: snack on stellar fries with a twist of herbs and sauces. So this is incredibly random and hilarious. This is the sketchy random chippy from the Toronto Underground Market. Of course, I was dying of laughter and told Lesley immediately. Because we were in the sophisticated setting of the ROM I thought it was safe to try these chips and they were great. They were salty, crispy and had tons of rosemary. Delicious. But it gets even better! From doing some research apparently the guys behind JK Frites are Micha and Jackson Kennedy, whose father is Jamie Kennedy – the chef. Holy heck! How did this all happen? I can’t even get over this. These fries are definitely worth checking out and now I understand why he thought he could just show up and make fries at TUM – he does have skills and they are amazing fries.

Waffle Bar: Belgian waffles on the go with delicious fruit and dairy toppings harvested with a 100 mile radius. We didn’t try these waffles but they had a divine aroma. Vanilla and perfectly toasted. You can get them at the Leslieville Farmer’s Market so I think I am going to have to check that out soon.

This is an event worth checking out. There are 5 more Fridays and all the details can be seen here. I really want to go to another event but honestly, more for the food, drink and music rather than the dinosaurs.

Thanks for a great idea and a great night, Cynthia!

Holy Chuck

On Wednesday GC and I went to Holy Chuck with Lesley.

Anytime I drive, walk past or hear about a burger joint, I make a mental note of where it is and what their specialty is. I noticed Holy Chuck about a month ago and Amelia went last weekend. Amelia’s burger choice was slightly ambitious and tainted her experience of Holy Chuck so I wasn’t going to make that mistake….

The interior is nothing special – just your standard restaurant settings. The one cool thing was they had an old, 1950s style table video game, for lack of a better word. It would be awesome to have some burgers, shakes and play video games. There is a lot of cartoon cows on the walls which clearly goes with the name of the restaurant. They also play with the name of the restaurant – the shirts and menu feature phrases like, “We don’t Chuck around.” They are serious about their burgers and serious about having a good time with them.

Restaurants are focusing more on the quality and freshness of ingredients, even restaurants that are affordable. There is no reason not to eat fresh, good food even if you are eating something greasy and sinful like a burger.

I decided for my first Holy Chuck burger I should take it easy and order their signature burger, The Holy Chuck. GC also ordered the Holy Chuck,

Double cheeseburger with bacon and caramelized onions – Please don’t put any toppings on it! GC didn’t listen to this, they even told him, “Are you sure? We actually suggest your don’t put any additional toppings on this burger.” He was totally judged when he asked for ketchup and mustard.

This burger reminded me of the burgers my grandmother used to make. It was crunchy on the outside but juicy and greasy on the inside. It was greasy without being to the point of where you will be clutching your belly in ache afterwards. The cheese was processed – although cheese is my favourite food and I love spending ridiculous amounts of money on cheese, I do love processed cheese. It definitely has it’s place on burgers – it melts quickly and is creamy and stringy. I think this is the highest praise anyone has ever given to processed cheese. The bacon was crispy and the onions were sweet. I am glad I didn’t add anything else to this burger. All the flavours and ingredients played together perfectly and adding anything else would have offset that balance – just ask GC. I kid, I think he liked his burger just fine and he just added a few condiments to his burger; Nothing ridiculous like lettuce.

I ordered the Crispy Sweet Potato Chips on the side – they reminded my of Boston Pizza’s kettle chips but better as these are crispy, and made of sweet potatoes. These only are worth the trip. I like when I can get something on the side that is traditional French fries as I am not a huge French fry fan…

Lesley ordered the Grind n’ Shine.

Double cheeseburger with bacon, caramelized onions, crispy homemade chips and topped with a fried egg. Lesley loved this. I don’t know how I feel about eggs on burgers. I’ve had them before and it always ends up messy and not as tasty as I would like. When you bite into it, there is an egg explosion everywhere and not enough bun to sop it up.

Just looking at the menu there are so many tasty things I want to try – it seems like a simple burger place but then there are things on the menu like the Holy Duck and the Fois Gras poutine. Both seem over the top and ridiculous but I want to try them…

They also have The Go Chuck Yourself burger. This burger is ridiculous: 6 patties, 6 cheese, triple bacon, caramelized onions and stacked between three grilled cheese sandwiches. They have the “Go Chuck Yourself Challenge” where you have 6 minutes to eat the burger and a milkshake. Ridiculous. I don’t think I would be enough of a tank to be able to complete this challenge but the ridiculous part of me really wants to attempt it….

This is a good, simple burger. According to my uncle, this burger is better than The Burger’s Priest so I will have to go and compare…


Wanda’s Pie in the Sky… Again

On Monday I met up with Al for pie at Wanda’s Pie in the Sky.

The first time I had a pie from Wanda’s I really didn’t like it. It was a Sour Cherry pie and it was bitter, wet and the crust was not good. I think I need to get over the pie crust thing – I don’t think I will find a pie crust that is light and flaky and perfect. If I want that, I need to make my own pie…

The second time, we had savoury pies and they used phyllo pastry rather than pie crust which I think made it enjoable. It was savoury, and full of cheese and spinach and mushrooms. Mega yums.

My third attempt at Wanda’s was a success.

Al ordered the Raspberry Rhubarb pie.

I ordered the Blueberry Pie.

My pie was amazing. I want another slice. The slightly weird thing was they asked me if I wanted it served warm – do you eat blueberry pie warm? And warm without ice cream? It just made me think of that scene from When Harry Met Sally…

This is a good pie if you can’t go to my mom’s house. Mega yums…

The Canadian Pie Company

After our lunch at Prohibition Gastrohouse we strolled down to The Canadian Pie Company.

Pie is a severely under appreciated and under made dessert. I prefer pie to cake which people find shocking but it’s true. This summer I will conquer pie in two senses – make my own and find the best pie in Toronto. Sadly, this did not successfully complete the second task.

The inside of this restaurant looked like someone’s cottage kitchen – cute and cosy. Unfortunately, that’s about as cute and cosy as we get. I think the savoury pies looked unreal and better than the sweet pies but as we had just eaten lunch we didn’t get savoury pies. Instead we got slices of sweet pie.

GC ordered the Strawberry Rhubarb and I ordered the Peach.

My mom told me I was foolish to order the peach pie since it wasn’t August but I really wanted a slice of peach pie. This pie was not a favourite of mine – the peaches were raw and hard, the bottom crust was slick and wet and the lattice crust tasted more like phyllo pastry than pie crust.¬† I did not like my pie. GC didn’t like his pie either.

No great loss – it would have actually been worse if this pie had been amazing because it’s all the way out in the Beaches and I wouldn’t be able to easily get a slice.

Alas, the pie quest continues…

Prohibition Gastrohouse

On Mother’s Day GC and I went for lunch at Prohibition Gastrohouse.

The reason we went out to the Beaches was to go to The Burger’s Priest and of course, it was closed because it was Sunday and there was church (that’s what the sign says but I think it is just being cute/clever rather than religious). I applaud anyone who uses the Queen streetcar to come all this way because it’s terrible. We were pretty disappointed to have come all the way and not be able to try some burgers. We are intending to go back at some point so they better be damn good burgers.

We wandered along Queen for awhile looking for a place to lunch and we came across Prohibition Gastrohouse.

Eat well. Speak easy. Clever and historical – I love it.

This reminded me of a British pub: Dark wooden bar and tables, deep booths in green leather and an impressive selection of whiskeys and scotches. The front of the restaurant had garage style doors which opened up to let in a cool breeze and there looked to be a patio in the back. GC and I sat at the bar because it was a bar that was actually spacious enough to enjoy your meal and not feel crammed and the chairs had reasonably high backs to avoid being hunched over like a gremlin. The whole place was slightly dark and cozy, reminiscent of its speakeasy predecessors of the 1920s but not as sketchy or susceptible to raids.

Everything on the menu looked amazing and despite having Mac & Cheese the day before I ordered it again for lunch… and I ordered the full portion.

Vesuvio pasta, black truffles, Canadian Gruyere, 5 year old Cheddar, Ermite PQ Bleu, Shallots, Parmesan-Truffle oil brioche crust and bacon. This is the most ridiculous Mac & Cheese I will ever eat. It was creamy, earthy and smoky and surprisingly not salty. I think the truffles were a bit much and added more aroma than anything else. This is the best Mac & Cheese I have ever had but if I am craving Mac & Cheese, this wouldn’t be my choice. It is too rich and indulgent to be comfort food and satisfy feelings of homesickness and nostalgia.

To review how much Mac & Cheese I ate in a 4 day period here it is: Saturday dinner, Sunday lunch, Sunday dinner (I got my Mom’s recipe on Mother’s Day – how great is that!?), Monday breakfast, Monday lunch, and Tuesday lunch. In the course of the 8 meals I ate in the 4days, I had Mac & Cheese 6 times. How I did not have a massive heart attack I don’t know…

GC ordered the Pulled Pork Grilled Fromage with Duck Fat fries.

Duck fat confit pork butt, Black River maple Cheddar, 5 year-old Cheddar, on sourdough. Creamy, salty and stringy. I loved the presentation of the sandwich, on the almost palette-esque board. And it came with two sandwiches, how ridiculous is that? Ridiculous being used here to mean something positive. The duck fat fries were of course, amazing.

Althought this wasn’t where we were intending to end up, it was a happy surprise. This is a must check-out location in the Beaches. I only wish it was slightly closer to my house but I think that would be a dangerous thing…

Happy munching!


Hey Lucy Cafe

On Saturday night we went for a date night to Hey Lucy Cafe on Bloor St.

Remember when Hey Lucy used to be Mel’s Diner? The first summer GC and I were dating, we had breakfast at Mel’s at least once a week and we loved it.. Unfortunately, in my third year of university Mel’s closed permanently and was replaced by Hey Lucy. I think maybe we avoided Hey Lucy for sentimental reason but also because we were slightly poor as university students. Last Thursday I went for drinks with my friend Caitlin to celebrate her departure to Africa. I enjoyed it so much that I took GC on the weekend.

I was really surprised by the menu at Hey Lucy because it is very Italian which is not what I was expecting. I think I was expecting typical North American food with some Asian-fusion thrown in. What the menu turned out to be was much better. They have a wood burning oven that fills the whole restaurant with the smell of fresh, homemade pizza. The restaurant is very funky and hip, but grown up which is sometimes rare for the Annex as it is constantly infiltrated by university students. The tables are an assortment of high bar tables and stools, long bench seating and club chairs. There is also an amazing patio looking onto Brunswick with ample space and umbrellas.

**All my pictures were poorly lit as we were sitting on the ambianced patio. I really need to get a better camera.

We started off with some cocktails – I had a classic gin martini and GC had a Caramilk martini.

The sign that I am not yet an adult is that I can not handle a classic martini. I think maybe it would be better with vodka… regardless my favourite part was the olives. GC’s cocktail was good, it tasted just like the chocolate bar but the only problem was the amount of ice and chocolate chips in the glass. On Wednesday nights they have cheap cocktail nightand we are planning on spending many a Wednesday night on that patio this summer.

Then we had the Fried Calamari.

Calamari with dried chili, sea salt, lemon and a side of tzatziki. This is the best fried calamari I have ever had. It was perfectly crispy, not chewy and it tasted like an afternoon in Greece/Italy. The tzatziki was smooth and cool with a slight hint of citrus.

I had Lucy’s Mac and Cheese.

Double smoked bacon, cherry tomatoes and a four cheese Alfredo. This is the first Mac & Cheese I have had that reminds me of my mom’s. It was creamy but with a little bite. The tomatoes were soft and well cooked (not that my mom uses tomatoes). There were crunchy bread crumbs on top which is how I like my mom to make Mac & Cheese for me. Although I would have a better Mac & Cheese the next day (you don’t even know how much Mac & Cheese I ate in a four day period), I think if I am craving Mac & Cheese and don’t feel like making it, I will go for this one.

GC had the Seafood Fettuccine.

Tiger shrimp, scallops and calamari tossed in their house tomato sauce. Seafood and pasta, does it get much better than that? The seafood was cooked well but the scallops were a bit on the small side in my opinion. The tomato sauce was thick and fruity, the perfect compliment the the citrus notes in the seafood.

Tasty food, great drinks, funky ambiance and in one of my favourite Toronto neighbourhoods – clearly this means I am going back. Next time I will be trying some wood-oven pizza and hopefully I will be on the patio during the day so I can take some appetizing looking photos.

Happy munching!



Anna Olson has a new show and it is all sorts of magical. It is called, Bake with Anna Olson. Each episode is dedicated to a common dessert/bakery item, for example, cheesecake, meringue or ganache. She begins with the basic recipe and builds on those to make more complicated dishes. She will start with New York Style Cheesecake and work up to make layered Key Lime Cheesecake. This show is straight forward, informative, eye catching and most importantly, will cause you to salivate.

I first caught this show after my mom had bought me my Kitchen Aid Mixer but it was not yet in my possession and I was trying to determine what to make using it for the first time. I wanted to make something that couldn’t be made by hand or using a hand mixer and would require the power and force of the mixer. After I saw the cheesecake episode of this show, I was sold.

I made Anna Olson’s New York Style Cheesecake.

1. As a rule of thumb, my mom doesn’t make cheesecake using more than 3 packages of cheesecake. This is probably a good rule of thumb but this cheesecake looked so sinfully delicious and creamy that I had to go for it. It used 4 packages of cream cheese.

2. The Kitchen Aid Mixer is literally the best thing in the world. I love it. It is whisper quiet and so powerful and just whipped the cream cheese into submission.

3. The sour cream adds a nice creaminess and rounds out the flavour of the rich cream cheese. The addition of lemon zest to the cake also does this.

4. This is only the second cheesecake I’ve ever made (I made a pumpkin cheesecake a few years ago for Thanksgiving) and it successfully did not crack AND I did so without using a bathwater. Anna’s baking instructions are: bake at a higher temperature for 10 minutes, lower it for 25 minutes, turn off for 30 minutes but leave the cheesecake in the oven, crack the door for 30 minutes (I am simplifying it obviously, but follow the directions). The total baking time is 1 hour and 35 minutes. This seems excessive but I think it might need another five minutes at some point because the middle could have been a little more solid.

5. The cake is topped with a mixture of sour cream, lemon juice and sugar. Light but with a little bit of a bite, this is the perfect way to top this cheesecake. Also, it will hide any unsightly cracks that may have formed.

This is going to be my go to cheesecake recipe so be warned if you have a slice because it is rich, fattening and oh so delicious.

Chicago Style Dawg

Last Thursday at lunch I headed down to Queen and Dalhousie to hit up some food truck action. The trucks that are parked daily at this intersection are Caplansky’s Thundering Thelma and Food Cabbie. Since I can eat Caplansky’s at the restaurant on College and they weren’t serving any of their drilled, chipotle filled, deep-fried pickles, I opted to try Food Cabbie.

Food Cabbie serves up traditional, American-style foods – burgers, hot dogs, fries – as well as daily specials. Last Thursday the special (posted every day on Facebook and Twitter) was a Tuna Salad Sandwich and I was incredibly tempted but I also had a huge hot dog craving so I opted for the Chicago Style Dawg (their spelling, not mine). The next day the special was Fish Tacos and I contemplated going two days in a row but I decided to be responsible.

This is a Chicago Style Hot Dog. And according to Wikipedia, they got the hot dog down. I know whenever I eventually get to Chicago, an authentic Chicago-style hot dog is on the list of foods to try and then I can give a fair critique. Having never had an authentic Chicago-style hot dog though, here is what my first impressions are:

1. A boiled hot dog? Really? Why? At the time I didn’t know it was boiled and I only realized that about five minutes ago while reading Wikipedia. When I was eating the hot dog I just thought they barely barbecued it which would have been an issue on its own. BUT, because it is supposed to be boiled, it was boiled perfectly (That feels weird to write, since I feel like hot dogs should always be barbecued…)

2. The hot dog is topped with mustard, white onions, sweet relish, dill pickles, tomato wedges, pickled sport peppers and a dash of celery salt – all the fixings of a traditional Chicago-style hot dog. That is a lot of toppings. My standard hot dog is ketchup, mustard, relish and onion and I feel like that’s pushing it on same days. There was a great amount of heat from the sport peppers and the celery salt added a nice kick but there was just a lot going on. I don’t know how people in Chicago do it…

This was a tasty hot dog but I think in the future I will stick with my standard toppings instead. But, Food Cabbie is definitely worth checking out and tasting.