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Last night GC was craving sushi but since we were on Bloor at 7 o’clock at night, all the sushi restaurants had incredibly long lines.To satisfy the fish craving we decided to go to Chippy’s Fish & Chips.

The restaurant is small and is one room containing the kitchen area, the cash and two bars with stools for people to sit. The kitchen is open to the sitting area so you can see how fresh everything is.

We both ordered the Halibut with chips. It is slightly pricey – typically when you order fish and chips at a restaurant they ask if you want a single or a double order but here you only get one piece of fish and it’s $13.99 plus the price of chips on the side. In my opinion that is pretty expensive. And maybe if it was the best fish and chips I had ever had I might be willing to spend that but unfortunately, not so much.

It would seem that I don’t have much luck with fish and chips. When I went to England last year I only ate fish and chips once and the fish was clearly from breaded and frozen and was terrible. It was at some pub in Liverpool where The Beatles did something – this is where I am relying on Liz to chime and say the significance of that pub. It was literally the worst fish and chips I had ever had. If I can’t get good fish and chips in England, where am I going to get it? Am I doomed to have sub par fish and chips forever?

The batter was crunchy and salt but it was thin, and so was the fish. Also, plastic forks and knives cannot hold up to deep fried things. It is a decent piece of fish but because of it’s price I don’t think it is worth it. The fries were not good. Obviously, I am biased because I am not a french fry fan but for a place that focuses on quality ingredients, these are not so great. You could tell they are fresh cut fries but meh, I’m not a fan. Neither was GC.

According to blogTO this is the second best fish and chips in the city. Well if that’s the case, this city is in severe need of better fish and chips. I think the fish and chips from Scallywags are infinitely better. That all being said, I am not going back. Sorry…

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  1. The pub is called The Grapes, which is significant because the Beatles used to go there after their shows at the Cavern because you couldn’t get booze at the Cavern in the early 1960s.

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