Lasagna Skillet

Monday night’s dinner was Kraft’s Lasagna Skillet.

1. I omitted the mushrooms because my had rotted in my fridge – I need to come up with a better way to buy my vegetables because they tend to rot.

2. I added the green pepper because they had stayed fresh in my fridge but I think next time I wouldn’t use them. I don’t like vegetables in my lasagna, whatever form it takes.

3. I accidentally used regular lasagna sheets rather than oven ready lasagna but it worked out fine. The noddles are completely submerged under cheese and pasta sauce so they will get nice and soft.

4. Lasagna photographs terribly.

5. This is a nice alternative to making a huge lasagna that could feed 400 people and requires you to turn on your oven. A good, summer lasagna alternative for a few people. I will definitely be making this again.

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