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The National Post is doing a series this summer called Gastropost. Each week, they create a mission and foodies can participate by completing the mission and doing a write up about their food adventure. I was told about this when the program first started but I didn’t really get into it until this week. I submitted my first write up to the National Post and I’m in today’s paper! They only use a line or two from each person’s submission but the full post can be found online and, more importantly, I now have a National Post cartoon.

Next week’s assignment is all around the patio. If you have a patio suggestion or you want to come over for a BBQ, let me know and you can be the inspiration for my writing!

In case you are feeling lazy, I have included my post below.

When I was about 4 or 5 and we would go up to my grandparents’ cottage. The drive seemed to take hours and hours and it was forbidden to ask for food or drink along the way. In reality the drive took less than 2 hours and the family minivan was loaded with enough treats and snacks to quiet 4 children. After endless “Are we there yet’s,” we would wind down the long driveway, entering further and further into the wilderness. Surrounding the driveway were dozens of raspberry bushes, growing wild and crowding the edges of the driveway. These raspberries replaced meals, being tiny morsels of refreshing sweetness. At the cottage, raspberries were enjoyed in their purest form, picked fresh off the bush and popped instantly into your mouth.

There is nothing comparable to raspberries picked off the bush while being eaten alive by black flies. This is an experience I long for all winter and results in me purchasing at least 4 bushels of raspberries every time I visit the grocery store. This begins to be a problem and I find myself forcing raspberries into every dish. My latest tribute to my favourite fruit of summer is Raspberry Basil Popsicles. The popsicles have three ingredients: raspberry, basil and simple syrup. Fresh, grown up pairings with a hint of nostalgia – the perfect summer treat.

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