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This week’s Gastropost featured cheese and I was asked to host the mission! They sent me an email on my birthday asking me to host the mission because they knew I was a huge cheese lover. It was a great way to start a birthday!

You can see the full pages here and here. My love of cheese found me at Chabichou on Borden Street. Chabichou is a cheese shop and cafe that makes cheese based items like grilled cheese and croque monsieurs. It is very French and cozy inside: wooden counters, pastries, bistro sets, and prints and photographs of the French countryside covering the walls. I went here years ago with GC for croque monsieurs and from what I can remember, they were delicious. I will have to go back to order a croque monsieur in my attempt to find the best one in the city. But my visit last week served one purpose, to buy a wedge of a new cheese.

How perfect was it that the day I decided to visit this little cheese shop they would be sampling cheese? They were sampling Oha and another type of cheddar. I tried the Oha and it was sharp, with a slightly nutty taste. After looking at the countless types of cheeses, I settled on two types of cheese: an Applewood Smoked Cheddar (which I have had before and is therefore still in my fridge) and Guinness Cheddar.

The Guinness Cheddar appealed to me because of its rich colour and marbling. I don’t love Guinness, but this past St. Patrick’s Day I came to terms with it and I can handle it now. I prefer Kilkenny because although a similar type of stout beer, it has a richer, more caramel flavour. This cheese didn’t really taste like Guinness. It had a very sharp, deep flavour, but it tasted aged rather than having beer in it. It was a good cheese and it would pair well with beer (obviously). If you are looking for a good cheese, check this cheese out. It is also available at the Maple Leaf Gardens Loblaws if that is more convenient for you to get to.

Happy munching!

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