Tuesday Date Night: Ciao Wine Bar

On Tuesday our weekly date night found us in Yorkville at Ciao Wine Bar. No, we didn’t suddenly become wealthy and now we will eat in Yorkville regularly, we had a Groupon – $50 worth of food for $25. And what better night to go to Ciao than on their Linguine and Lobster Special Night? Every Tuesday Ciao serves up a plate of linguine in tomato sauce with 1.5lb lobster for $21 – this is an amazing deal and with our Groupon it was like we were eating for free (sort of…)!

1. This was a huge plate of pasta. And obviously, a lot of lobster. This plate isn’t for the faint of heart. If you are going to have this for dinner, have a light, early lunch.

2. The pasta was perfectly al dente and covered in a generous scoop of sauce. The sauce was sweet, yet tart, just like fresh tomatoes and was highlighted by the sprig of fresh basil. Fresh basil reminds me of summer and the fresh vegetables and herbs that come from the garden.

3. I loved that the lobster came already cut in half. Lobster is one of those foods that is apparently an aphrodisiac but you look revolting while eating it. Having the lobster cut in half allowed for civilized dining using a fork and knife. The lobster was fruity, tender and fresh. It worked perfectly with the fruity qualities of the pasta sauce to create a coherent plate.

Although we were stuffed, we could not pass up the opportunity to have tiramisu.

4. There was too much stuff on top of this tiramisu. I like my tiramisu classic and simple: a few chocolate shavings and a sprinkle of cinnamon. There was far too much going on with this dessert. The chocolate was good but the shavings were too big and there was too many. The raspberries and blueberries were good, but the orange berries (I don’t know what kind of berries they are – any help here?) were bitter.

5. The tiramisu itself was creamy, with crunchy lady fingers and a subtle espresso flavour. Once you get over the mess on top, this is a tasty, little pick me up.

Another delicious, simple meal at Ciao. Ciao is one of my favourite Italian restaurants in Toronto. Despite being in Yorkville it is decently priced and you are given huge portions. The ingredients are fresh and simple, exactly how Italian cuisine is. The atmosphere is cozy and comfortable – perfect for a family meal, catching up with friends or a romantic meal for two.

Happy munching!

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