Starving Artist

A couple of weeks ago we went for brunch at Starving Artist, a suggestion that has been made by several different friends.

I didn’t take a photo of the outside of the restaurant the day we went because it was a cold, rainy December morning. This photo is from Toronto Foodies. I did however, take this photo of some wall art that was on the side of the restaurant:

IMG_3081The cute weirdness of these posters was only a taste of the uniqueness that was to come inside.

Starving Artist is a restaurant that specializes in waffles, and not just waffles, using waffles instead of bread. As someone who isn’t a huge fan of bread, I think this is a genius idea. It is a small restaurant, seating about 30 people inside and with a front and back patio for the warmer months. We were able to sit beside a fish tank which featured 5 or 6 goldfish swimming around espresso cups.

GC ordered the Breakfast Benny and I ordered the Monte Cristo.

Starving ArtistThe Breakfast Benny – potato waffles, poached eggs, caramelized bacon,
hollandaise sauce. The waffles were dense, creamy and seasoned with herbs, making them a perfect base for pillowy eggs and crispy bacon. The hollandaise was slightly sweet and lemony. From the taste I had, I preferred this waffle concoction to my own.

The Monte Cristo –┬ároasted ham, mozzarella sandwiched in french toast waffles. This was good, but not as good as I wanted. It lost its Monte Cristo quality in between the French toast waffles. The waffles did not retain their waffle texture or fluffiness and did not gain the dense, egginess of French toast. There wasn’t enough cheese to balance out the excessive amount of ham.

With each order you can have a side of potato salad, fruit salad or maple bacon baked beans. GC opted for fruit salad which was fresh and had a great selection of different fruits that are not in season right now. I ordered the maple baked beans. I actually dislike beans but the maple bacon appealed to me. The beans were sweet, tender and juicy, everything beans should be.

Despite not loving my breakfast I would suggest this restaurant to satisfy any breakfast craving or as an opportunity to try a spin on an old favourite (except the Monte Cristo).

Happy munching!



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