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I have a very sentimental connection to sushi. When I was in undergrad, GC and I would go at least once a week to the various sushi restaurants along Bloor between Brunswick and Bathurst. I had very specific orders for each restaurant, crafted after years of ordering. In October, I tried Kanji for the first time and fell in love. Since going there for New Year’s Eve I have vowed to not eat sub-par sushi, it’s just not worth it. Despite all of that, this post is about the sushi at Joey’s.

The expansion of Yorkdale brought a new Joey’s location. Although Joey’s is a chain and chains should never be featured on food blogs, I really enjoy this restaurant and their food is presented simply, but aesthetically. We went a couple of weeks ago because I had forgotten to take the meat out of the freezer so cooking at home was not an option.

We started with the Rainbow Roll – tuna, salmon, crab, avocado & sriracha aioli.

IMG_3225Despite my sushi pretensions we ordered this sushi and it was good. It was comparable to your low budget sushi found at Sushi on Bloor or other sushi place but it tasted fresher and as if the fish was higher quality. The rolls were tightly packed, they did not buckle under the squeeze of chopsticks. The avocado was fresh and ripe but still slightly hard, just how I like my avocado in my sushi. I loved the sriracha aioli. Sriracha is something I have recently tried and love. This aioli was the perfect balance of creamy, salty and spicy.  All topped of with a hint of woody, nuttiness of sesame and poppy seeds. Mega yums.

I would not say this is the best sushi I have ever have, it is obviously not but it is comparable to what you would find at your bargain sushi restaurants. If you love sushi, but just want it as an appetizer to a very different type of meal, I would suggest a visit to Joey’s. To finish off our meal I ordered the fish tacos (of course) and GC ordered French Dip Sandwich.

Happy munching!

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