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Dating someone who grew up in the city has many benefits, one of them being knowing alleyways that allow you to slink and sneak throughout the city in significantly less time. Through a series of alleyways we travel through the Annex in about 5 minutes. There is beautiful graffiti, Juliette balconies and modern architecture. In the spring I want to walk through these alleys and photograph their simplicity.

Every time we are snaking through these alleys we pass Harbord Fish and Chips, a little hole in the wall place that looks like nothing special but its looks are deceiving. GC had been there years ago and every time we pass it, he suggests we give it a try but we had never gone until a few weeks ago. It was a gorgeous winter day – ridiculously warm and I wanted to enjoy some patio time. Unfortunately most restaurants don’t expect patio weather in January so the picnic tables outside Harbord Fish and Chips seemed like the perfect spot to enjoy some food.

IMG_3215 IMG_3216This beautiful, crispy flaky deliciousness was created by the most adorable older couple in a room that was no bigger than a small closet. The fish was fruity, flaky and fresh. The batter was salty, crispy and was perfectly greasy. The fries were some of the best fries I have had in the city. They tasted like potatoes, earthy and rich, with the perfect crisp and salt dusted on them.

This was a lot of food for me to handle and I definitely regret ordering this much. I later felt ill but I think that was my own gluttony rather than the food itself because GC was fine. If you are looking for perfect fish and chips, do not be put off by the simplicity and worn out sign, it has delicious and authentic fish and chips.

Happy munching!

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  1. I need to take the trip around the corner to this place! I love their little storefront and have been meaning to go for years. Glad it’s delicious.

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