Mother’s Dumplings

There are some people you are friends with because you are always on the same page as them in various aspects of life whether it is emotional, spiritual or even physical. And then there are some people who, more importantly, you are the on the same page as them gastronomically.

A few weeks ago I was on the subway looking at an advertisement for VH Steamer’s rice with dumplings. I wasn’t intrigued by the ad because I thought it would be any good, I knew it wouldn’t, but it caused me to crave dumplings. Later that afternoon I received a message from Cynthia saying she was also craving dumplings, a statement that was completely unprompted by my earlier daydreams of dumplings.

photo(1)When two friends are having the same craving obviously something must be done about it so we headed to Mother’s Dumplings.

We started off with wonton soup – slightly redundant when one is planning on eating dumplings but it was a chilly day and soup was a warm and comforting way to start off a meal.

IMG_3276This soup look thicker than it is. It is a light broth, slightly salty and filled with seaweed, green onions and wontons. It was delicious but it needs a touch of soya sauce to give it more flavour. It is a great bargain – we ordered the small bowl which is around $4.00 and we were both able to have 2 bowls of soup.

Next came the dumplings.

Mother's DumplingsWe ordered 24 dumplings – 12 boiled pork and dill (pictured bottom left) and 12 steamed pork and chives (pictured bottom right).  I prefer the steamed to the boiled. Steamed dumplings have a firmer dough and are juicier. I also preferred the presentation of the steamed dumplings – I loved that it was brought to the table in the basket that they were cooked in. Both fillings were good but the pork and dill had slightly too much dill, overwhelming the subtleties of the pork.

This was a delicious meal – a comforting soup, juicy dumplings and unlimited jasmin tea. I would love to come here on a cold day and cozy up with tea and dumplings. This meal has prompted an idea between Cynthia and I that we should have a stuffed ethnic food night – dumplings, pierogi and ravioli!

Happy munching!


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