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After indulding in some bacon at Harbourfront Centre’s Baconation we checked out some beers at the new Amsterdam Brewhouse.

Amsterdam BrewhouseWe started with two different Flight Tours – I ordered the King & Portland, GC ordered the Richmond & John. I love how there are so many different beers to try here and so many different ways to try them. The tasting flights features 4 5oz glasses and costs the same as a 20oz pint. The menu serves as coasters for your beers. My only criticism of this – the names of the beers are listed on the round emblems which end up under the glasses. You can’t get fussed about the name of a beer as long as it tastes good!

We shared Amsterdam Pretzel and the Crispy Fish Tacos.

IMG_4032This pretzel is yummmmmmy! Warm, doughy and perfectly salted. There were three flavours of mustard: Natural Blonde red currant mustard,  Big Wheel dijon and wort reduction. The mustards were very hot, a huge kick of horseradish right in the nose. I foresee many nights at the Brewhouse drinking flights of beer and eating these pretzels.

IMG_4033White corn tortillas, apple fennel slaw, cilantro, fresh lime, and house hot sauce. These were okay, not great. That is not surprising as this is a pub, not a Mexican restaurant. Stick with the pretzels, you won’t regret it!

We went back to the Brewhouse for a family dinner last week. I wasn’t thrilled with the service – I had made a reservation but we had to wait 10 minutes to be seated. When we were seated, it was at a table that was clearly meant for 4 people, not 6.Our server, however, was amazing – she knew everything about beers, what they paired well with and had lots of suggestions of what to order based on people’s tastes.

Between me, JDL, Mom and Liz we ordered three different beer flights: Richmond & John, King & Portland and Front & Bathurst. And here’s the food that was ordered (no pictures since phones/cameras were left at home that night):

Theresa: Smoke House Burger – classic cheese burger with smoked cheddar, bacon and a black and tan onion ring. This burger looked ridiculous. It was huge, juicy and the perfect example of what a burger is. Theresa loved it.

Liz: Classic Wood Oven Pizza – tomato sauce, mozarella, pepperoni and mushroom. Liz enjoyed her pizza and the suggested beer paired nicely with the pizza. The subtlies in the beer were brought out by the richness of the pizza. There was enough left that GC got to take extras home for a late night snack.

Mom and me: Duck grilled cheese – parmesan crusted sandwich with white cheddar, emmentaler, Ontario duck confit, tomato, microgreens and and Boneshaker marmalade. Mom and I were both unimpressed with this sandwich. I liked that the marmalade added a nice sweetness to the sandwich. The duck needed some sort of sauce, it seemed too dry and was lost against the strong flavours of the cheese. Cheese with more subtle flavour profiles would have served this sandwich better – cheddar, Parmesan and emmentaler are too strong for the subtle flavour of duck. My sandwich didn’t have much tomato or greens but I faired better than Mom whose sandwich was lacking duck.

JDL and GC: Brown Butter Lobster Rolls – 3 lobster rolls with apple fennel slaw, brown butter aioli, snap peas and fresh tarragon. The lobster rolls were tinnnnny. All three equalled the size of a small hot dog bun. The buns were obviously not made in house which is fine but disappointing. GC and JDL said the lobster rolls were good but that the peas were a little off putting. I have never heard of snap peas being put in a lobster roll. GC thought there was slightly too much mayo in the lobster salad. The general consensus was that this was good but not great.

Overall, I like this place. The service is a bit slow but great beer, great pretzels and a great view of the lake, Muskoka chairs included. It is worth the trip down to the waterfront.

Happy munching!

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