Pizzeria Via Mercanti

A few weeks ago GC and I went to Pizzeria Via Mercanti for dinner. We were seated in the basement for the first time which is described by the staff as “Nonna’s cantina.” This is an apt description. There are a mash up of different chairs and tables, checkered table clothes, peppers and salamis hanging from the ceiling and of course, cold. It is really comforting for anyone who has ever experienced a stereotypical Italian family.

I ordered the Quattro Formaggi pizza.

IMG_4147Quattro formaggi pizza with gorgonzola, fior di latte, ricotta and grana padano. This pizza is so cheesy and delicious. If you love cheese, especially blue cheeses, you need to check out this pizza. Let it cool for a second or two so the crust can firm up underneath the weight of the cheese. I couldn’t finish it all and took a quarter for it home – it even tasted good cold the next day. Pure perfection.

GC ordered the Capricciosa pizza.

IMG_4146Capricciosa with fior di latte, prosciutto cotta, mushrooms and black olives. If you are looking for a more traditional pizza fix, this pizza is for you. Salty from the prosciutto and olives, with a slight nuttiness from the cheese and the mushrooms and rounded out with sweetness from the tomato sauce – this is a perfectly balanced pizza.

Happy munching!

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