The McLobster

Oh, pill right. I eat and write about food on occasion. The last few weeks have been utterly insane: between work, health travelling, cottaging and getting engaged (more on that later!) I haven’t had time to do much of anything- but I promise to rectify that.

By now, you have probably eaten the McLobster and if you haven’t you should probably just give it a try. The McLobster came out in July and within days of it coming out I gave it a shot; much to GC’s dismay who tried it and hated it.

This is what the McLobster is supposed to look like:

And this is what mine actually looked like:


  1. I was in a moving car and using my iPhone hence the shadows. The Big Mac falls under the same category as the McLobster of what McDonald’s says it looks like and what you actually get when you order it. We can’t hold that against them. If you want pretty looking food you are probably going to have to pay more than a few dollars. From a quick Google search, other people have ordered McLobster rolls that resemble the ads slightly more.
  2. Holy lettuce! There is no reason to ever have this much lettuce anywhere except in a salad and even then, you don’t need that much lettuce. They do warn that it is on a bed of lettuce, so they weren’t lying.
  3. As for the lobster salad, it’s not that bad. There is a good balance between lobster chunks, mayo and celery and it isn’t watery. There were even a few whole claws in my mix which was a pleasant surprise. This is not the best lobster roll I have ever had, but it is far from the worst. The McDonald’s I went to globbed it on in one spot, not spreading it and evenly dispersing it throughout but again, what can you expect? I just gave the bun a bit of a shake to spread it a bit more evenly.
  4. The bun was the real low point for me. One of the best parts of a lobster roll is the buttered and toasted bun it is served on. The bread slightly overpowered everything else and ultimately took away from the sandwich.

How often can you have a lobster roll for under 10 bucks? You might as well give it a shot once, even just for hilarity sake.

Happy munching!

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