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I am very much against things that are popular and trendy. This isn’t an attempt to be too cool or to discover and set the next trend, health it has more to do with my distrust of other people’s taste and my general dislike for busyness and crowds. I refuse to line up for hours to eat at the latest restaurant, ampoule and I will not pay huge sums of money because something is in and cool right now. Our meal at Rose and Sons confirmed this for me.

I know I was biased from the start. Rose and Sons is where one of my favorite diners, sale People’s Foods used to be. People’s Food was a huge part of my early relationship with GC. It carried a lot of sentimental value for me, and I am a person who holds very little sentiment in places and things. But I knew I had to look past that and give it a try. I loved that they kept the old signage of the storefront and that it still had the classic retro diner feel to it.

We went for dinner instead of brunch because we figured we could try some brunch menus off the all-day menu and then we could avoid huge, ridiculous lineups. The restaurant is small and they have redone the seating to accommodate larger groups. What this means for a table of two, is that if you are seated at one of the larger tables, you will get squished to accommodate larger groups. Unfortunately, this happened to us. About halfway through our meal, a group of four was added to the other half of our table which was fine but they were probably the most obnoxious people of all time and insisted on taking up far more room than was necessary. We should have been seated at one of the many available booths for two but we were not for reasons unknown to us.

I didn’t love the menu. There wasn’t too much that stood out to me and this was because everything was overburdened with too many different, conflicting flavours. I like simple dishes that allow the tastes and depths of each ingredient to shine through. This comes from doing too much – you can’t combine greasy, diner food with too many ingredients with strong, traditional Jewish flavours. It just ends up too salty.

GC ordered the Patty Melt.

Patty MeltPatty Melt Burger-Grilled Cheese with fried onions, French fries, and chili mayo.
Photo Credit: Rose and Sons

If you can tell me why this sandwich is $16, it would be greatly appreciated.  The burger pictured above is not how GC’s burger came to the table. The burger was almost a florescent pink it was so undercooked. Obviously this is what they are going for but when you are serving something this rare you need to A) tell your customers this burger comes mooing to the table and B) use the highest quality beef. This obviously did not happen as GC felt destroyed after eating this.

I ordered the Mac ‘N Cheese.

Rose and SonsMacaroni and cheese with 4 cheeses, griddled chili Brussels sprouts and breadcrumbs.
Photo Credit: Rose and Sons

And again: if you can tell me why this macaroni and cheese is $15, it would be greatly appreciated. I understand cheese is expensive, it is an unfortunate truth I live with every day of my life with cheese being my favourite food. But don’t charge me $15 for mac and cheese and not even tell me what kind of cheeses I am getting. The cheese sauce wasn’t thick and creamy, it was watery and a thin; not very cheesy at all.

I actually really enjoy Brussels sprouts normally, and I think they were cooked nicely but stood in too much contrast to the rest of this dish. The breadcrumbs added a nice bit of crunch to the dish, which made up for the soupiness of the pasta.

Overall, we were not impressed. We were squished, ignored and given less than great food for a bill close to $50.00. I think Rose and Sons has fallen victim to its own hype: The food was ok, not fantastic; the ambiance and décor were cozy but not warm and inviting; the service was bored and disinterested at best. If you need to scratch this hipster locale off your list, go ahead but you’ve been warned. Luckily, since we ordered foods that can be ordered all day, I can honestly scratch this off the BlogTO Top 50 Brunch restaurants.

Happy munching!



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