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Spring is just around the corner – the days are getting longer, brighter and warmer and you can actually hear birds chirping. The sidewalks are getting drier which means I am more willing to trek to the far reaches (more accurately what I consider far reaches) of Toronto.

Last weekend I found myself at Bloor and Jane with Cynthia and Al and we enjoyed brunch at CAMP Restaurant.

We arrived at the restaurant at 12:30 and didn’t have to wait and there were still tables available for larger groups. We didn’t feel rushed or crowded and were really ableĀ  to sit and actually enjoy brunch. It was a nice change of pace for the Toronto brunch scene.

This is one of the more adorable and thematically-perfect restaurants I have been to in a long time. The restaurant is decorated with kitschy knick-knacks that look like they are out of a 1970s summer camp: bunting, small toys, rustic art pieces of wildlife, preserves and two Winnabago models. One is displayed on a shelf, the other has been appropriated as part of the bar as a cover for the beer taps. You will feel as if you are brunching on the set of Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom.

Cynthia and I were tempted by one of the specials of the day, the Sweet Italian sausage, and Al ordered the scrambled eggs with toasted baguette.

photo 3Sweet Italian sausage with scalloped potatoes and scrambled eggs.

I liked this, but I didn’t love it. I make the best scrambled eggs so I have a difficult time enjoying scrambled eggs made by other people. These scrambled eggs were dry and too densely packed; they were not fluffy, airy or moist as good scrambled eggs should be. I wish I had had the option to choose how I would have liked my eggs, this should always be a choice at brunch.

The sausage was good – moist, tightly packed and the perfect balance of sweet and salty. The sausage was served with a peppery, hot mustard that complimented the sausage without overwhelming it.

The scalloped potatoes were… interesting. I was expecting creamy, thick, cheesy potatoes and instead I was given Italian-style potatoes. Which I was totally ok with just disappointed on principle. The potatoes were cooked through, creamy and had a rich, tomato flavour. It was definitely an interesting spin on your classic breakfast of bacon, eggs and potato.

This is a cute and comfy spot to enjoy brunch. I am intrigued to go back and see what they offer for dinner AND they offer oysters, pretty much solidifying my need to go back.

Happy munching!

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