Dumpling Queen

Earlier this year a new dumpling place opened near my work called Dumpling Queen. On Valentine’s Day I went for dumplings with my dumpling at lunch time!

You are drawn in to the restaurant by the women working away in the front window, furiously making dumplings: rolling out dough, mixing filling and stuffing and forming each perfect little pillow of yums. The interior of the restaurant itself is nothing special: red walls, simple tables and chairs and a random assortment of art on the walls. Not much attention has been paid to the interior of the restaurant which made me skeptical of the quality of the food. I know, I know, the most unassuming places are usually hidden gems that make the most amazing food and this is one of them.

We kept it simple and ordered two types of dumplings: boiled shrimp and vegetable dumplings and fried pork and celery dumplings.

IMG_5466I loved how the pork dumplings came:  in a fried connected web of deliciousness.This is the traditional way to serve fried dumplings: upside down, fried veins connecting all the dumplings. The dumplings were crispy on the top and soft on the bottom. The pork and celery are a natural pairing, the rich fattiness of the pork with the fresh subtly of the celery.

IMG_5467The shrimp and vegetable dumplings were okay. I didn’t like the consistency of the vegetables. They were minced to the point that they were unrecognizable. There were large pieces of garlic that threw off the consistency of the filling. There was only one piece of shrimp per dumpling, causing the shrimp to be overwhelmed by the vegetable filling. Stick with the pork dumplings, they are delicious.

This place is comparable to Mother’s Dumplings and it’s in my neighbourhood at work making it a win, win for me. I will be making frequent appearances here on my lunch hour.

Happy munching!


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