The Federal

Over the Easter weekend GC and I managed to squeeze in some alone time for ourselves and of course brunch. We went for brunch on Easter Sunday to The Federal.

IMG_0218As soon as we walked up to the restaurant I was in love. I loved the font the name was in, thumb the fact that the restaurant was located in an old store front with display window flanking the entrance and the retro fixtures and flooring that could be seen from the exterior.

We sat at a small table with a bench and a chair, medicine close to the bar and with a good view of the restaurant. There were a handful of other people enjoying an early Easter breakfast.

GC ordered the Eggs Federal.

IMG_0214Poached eggs on an English muffin with mushroom tarragon cream and bacon.

This is a delightful spin on the classic eggs Benedict. The eggs were oozy and thick, the English muffin was soft and moist, and the bacon was crispy and smoky. I love Hollandaise sauce and love it so much that I have gone on record to say I will never learn how to make it in order to avoid becoming obese as it will be drizzled, smothered and dipped over and in everything. However, I did not miss my Hollandaise with this dish. This sauce is a delicious, healthier (maybe or at least seemingly?) alternative to your traditional Hollandaise. It is sweet, thick and creamy with hints of the woody, richness from mushrooms. It literally tastes like spring. This was the perfect dish to enjoy on an Easter weekend.

I ordered the Cubano Sandwich.

IMG_0215 IMG_0216 IMG_0217The Cubano sandwich with roast pork, cheddar, ham, avocado, Dijon, pickled red onion and dill pickle and served with greens and potato rosti.

This is easily one of the best sandwiches I have ever had. So freakin’ amazing and delicious! It was crispy and toasted, with the right amount of butter to make the bread rich and fatty but not take away from the sandwich. The combination of two types of pork was heavenly: the pulled pork was juicy and the ham was salty and slightly crispy. The avocado was the perfect ripeness where it is tender but not mushy and slightly sweet. I love, love, loved both the pickled red onion and the dill pickle. They both added a tart, sweetness to the sandwich. I would eat this sandwich again and again.

I finished off my sandwich by washing it down with some house-made raspberry mint lemonade that was absolutely divine. I will be searching for recipes for this so I can make it at home.

I loved my experience at this restaurant. It was quaint and simple but with interesting menu items and flavours. I would definitely go back but have to try really hard not to order the Cubano again.

Happy munching!

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