Lazy Daisy’s Cafe

On Sunday morning GC was sleeping off the effects of a midnight shift so I to let him sleep in peace and explored the city on my own. My wanderings led me to the East End, an area I literally never go, and I went for my first solo brunch at Lazy Daisy’s Cafe.

Lazy Daisy’s Cafe is a cute restaurant that has a mixture of tables with chairs, arm chairs and a small play area with toys and games for kids ranging in age from 2 and up. There is a large coffee bar and display case at the front of the restaurant which showcases delicious pastries and take-away sandwiches. When you enter the restaurant, you seat yourself and order at the bar. You pick up your coffee right away and your food will be brought to your table. Or you can order out.

I ordered The Ultimate.

IMG_0249IMG_0251 IMG_0253The Ultimate with Mennonite sausage, fried free range egg, melted cheddar & Wellesly farm apple butter stacked on a toasted buttery country breakfast biscuit.

This is one of the best breakfast sandwiches I have ever eaten. The biscuit with buttery and flaky, but still substantial enough to hold together under the weight of the fillings. The sausage was link sausage that had been cut in half and spread out across the surface of the biscuit. It was juicy, slightly fatty and salty and had that hint of sweetness that all good breakfast sausages should have. The egg was fried so that it didn’t ooze all over your hands and face which is how I prefer my eggs when they are in a breakfast sandwich. The cheese was sharp and complimented the sweet, saltiness of the sausage.

My only disappoint with my breakfast was its size. It definitely should have come with a side salad or more fruit. If this option was available to me, I didn’t see it on the menu and wasn’t offered it. Some of the other items on the brunch menu are slightly bigger (the French toast and the big breakfast) but for the menu is primarily sandwiches, making this a light breakfast option.

Happy munching!


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