The Huntsman

A few weeks ago, when it was actually warm and felt like summer, we had brunch on the patio of The Huntsman.

This was our second attempt to go to The Huntsman. Our first attempt was denied because the kitchen was being worked on during brunch hours. WHAT. Both us and the staff agreed this was terrible timing. We didn’t let this get us down, we just went the next weekend.

The inside of the restaurat has the British-pub vibe to it: navy subway tiles, leather booths and chairs, dark wood and of course, pictures of Winston Churchill decorating the walls. We were seated on the cozy patio – off facing a side street but with access to watch the hustle and bustle of College. It is a great little patio and would be a great spot to waste away summer nights with beers and good friends.

I ordered the Fried Chicken and Waffles.

IMG_0900 IMG_0901The Fried Chicken and Waffles with whipped butter and maple syrup.

I was debating between the Gather and this. I asked our server which one she preferred and she said that I should get the waffles; she said that they do something special with them. If doing something special refers to burning my chicken into an unfortunate crisp then I’m not interested. This was obviously burnt. The skin was dried out, too crunchy and bitter tasting. The chicken was not as juicy as it should be. Ever since I have had friend chicken and waffles at SCHOOL as boneless chicken, I can’t go back to bone-in. It is too much effort to enjoy the combination of the chicken and the waffles. Brunch is for lazy times, not picking meat off of bones.

Once you got through the chicken, the waffle underneath were perfection. They were buttery, fluffy, and light. The whipped buttery was creamy and rich, it spread smoothly across the waffles. My only complaint: I was not given side syrup. Do not suppose how much maple syrup I need with my breakfast because the answer is always more.

I should have stuck with my original though and got The Gather. Oh well. Next time.

GC ordered The Hunter.

IMG_0899The Hunter with house made corned beef, baked beans, cheddar, 2 poached eggs and Hollandaise.

Although my food was a miss, GC’s was a hit. At least one person’s breakfast worked out.

I loved the patio and the ambiance of the restaurant and based on GC’s food, the menu has promise. It may be worth a second look.

Happy munching!

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