The First Married Brunch – La Cubana

After 2 beautiful weeks in Spain and Portugal for our honeymoon, eating delicious foods and drinking wine, you would think my appetite would be satiated for a long time. And for certain foods, it still is. I have not craved oysters since the ones I ate at Mercado de San Miguel and I won’t be eating foie gras any time soon. However, one thing was missing from this trip food-wise: brunch.

Europeans do not do brunch or breakfast. The only legitimate breakfast we ate while on our honeymoon was in Lagos, which is a haven for British tourists. There, we were able to enjoy a traditional English breakfast. So of course, when we arrived home, one of the first things we did was go for brunch. We decided for our first brunch as husband and wife we would go to one of our favourites, La Cubana.

IMG_2201Since we hadn’t had brunch in over two weeks (yes, I acknowledge that all my problems are #firstworldproblems) we decided to go big. We started with the corn frituras.

IMG_2198All meals, including brunch, should have appetizers. GC liked these more than me. I’m not super into corn flavours; for example, I don’t like corn bread. But how can you say no to anything deep fried? These were crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. They were a combination of sweet and savoury with hints of fresh herbs dotting the fritura. The dipping sauce was great. It was creamy and the perfect amount of heat.

GC ordered the Steak and Eggs. IMG_2199

The Steak and Eggs with chimichurri steak and sunny side up eggs.

I am not in to chumichurri. This is the second occasion I have had it (the first being at Big Crow) and it does nothing for me. It tastes like slightly-off spinach. I wish it was more spicy, citrusy or fresh.

The steak was also way over done. GC likes his steak medium to medium-well but this was a little charred. You should never have to saw through a steak, especially one that is ordered out at a restaurant. Unless you’re into that.

I ordered the Cuban Breakfast. IMG_2200

The Cuban Breakfast with slow roast pork and poached eggs.

The first time we went, I ordered the pork belly and it was delicious. This is essentially the same dish without pineapple, with poached eggs instead of sunny side up and more expensive. This was tasty, but I would say go with the pork belly. The combination of pork and pineapple bumps this dish up to the next level and has a more dynamic combination of flavours. Although adding poached eggs to anything makes life better.

During our first visit to La Cubana, we made better choices but this visit does not disparage us against this restaurant. Any menu that so heavily features pork is delicious in my books. Happy munching!

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