Montreal 2013

For the third year in a row the August long weekend found us in Montreal for Osheaga. The weekend was all about good music, good times and of course,  good food. The highlight of the weekend was Macklemore and Ryan Lewis singing “Same Love” with Tegan and Sara.

1. We discovered a cute little pizzeria up the street from our hotel.

IMG_42612. Our hotel provided us with fresh croissants at our door every morning.

IMG_42673. We visited the Jean-Talon Market. Jean TalonWe bought our first Ontario peaches of the season while at the market in Quebec.

4. We munched on Montreal-style bagels from St-Viateur Bagel.

IMG_4292Easily the best bagel I have ever eaten. Warm, soft and perfectly toasted. The sesame seeds had a nuttiness to them and the lox and toppings were perfect and fresh.

5. We enjoyed Croque Madame in Old Montreal.

IMG_4302 I had this exact meal last year and I will probably have this exact meal next year. So yums and so Montreal.

6. We tried our first Montreal food truck at Osheaga,  Montreal Dim Sum.

Montreal Dim SumThe pork balls and shrimp dumpling were unreal! This has caused me to crave dim sum for the past month and a half. If I lived in Montreal I would track this truck down on a daily basis.

7. And last but never least, we finished our visit with some Montreal smoked meat from the iconic Schwartz’s.

Schwartz'sWe have made it a tradition that we grab some sandwiches from Schwartz’s before we leave the city and we eat them from the Mont Royale lookout.

Another great visit to Montreal and definitely not the last time we visit this city or Osheaga.

Nu Bagel

A few weeks ago we were finally able to check out Nu Bagel in Kensington Market. We had intended on just picking up some bagels and headig home but the aroma of wood and the menu board had us trying two of their sandwiches.

IMG_3796Nu Bagel serves traditional Montreal style bagels in every style, baked fresh in a wood fire oven. I love how the bagels are haphazardly displayed in a jumbled mess from falling off the cooling rack. The entire restaurant smells like wood, ashes and fresh baked bread. It is extremely comforting and arouses feelings of nostalgia. There are also hints of onion, poppy seeds and sesame seeds in the air – adding a nutty, earthiness which makes everything even more woody and magical.

A half dozen bagels is $5.00 which considering how much a bag of Dempster’s bagels are at the grocery store, you are getting a bargain. I am already planning on buying more bagels from here for lazy weekend mornings in the backyard.IMG_3797GC ordered the BLT on a poppy seed bagel. Canadian smoked bacon, Boston lettuce, tomato and onion marmalade. GC said the sandwich was good but the marmalade was a little too messy. IMG_3799I stuck with a classic – lox and cream cheese on an everything bagel. The everything bagel is the king queen of bagel. Nuttiness from the sesame seeds, pepperiness from the poppy seeds, and a slight kick from the onion; all in perfect tandem with one another. This bagel was dense but soft, and served warm and toasted.

Lox and cream cheese is the perfect way to start a Sunday morning and this is a tasty example of it. Soft, velvety cream cheese, topped with layers of smoky, fleshy salmon with freshness and spice coming from red onion and capers. Every Sunday morning should start this way.

My only issue with Nu Bagel? The hours. When we went, they opened at 11 am every day except Mondays. What kind of bakery opens at 11? Now they open 10 am Tuesday-Friday and Sundays and 9 am on Saturdays. Still not great for a bakery but hippies don’t wake up early I guess.

I have never actually had a bagel in Montreal (maybe this August – suggestions?) despite having been there twice but these bagels are pretty good for Toronto! Toronto Life named their Bagelwich one of the best sandwiches in Toronto and I am planning on going back to try it (oh and all the other sandwiches on this list) – who’s with me?

Happy munching!