Torteria San Cosme

At the start of March the chef and co-founder behind the Toronto-based Mexican restaurant Milagro opened a street-food style restaurant in Kensington Market called Torteria San Cosme. The restaurant opened the first week in March and Cynthia and I attempted to go on the Friday night and try some tortas but alas, they had sold out and were closed for the evening. Don’t worry! Cynthia and I headed around the corner to Dirty Bird.

It should be mentioned that as a general rule of thumb, I hate Kensington Market. I know, I know. As someone who loves Toronto and loves food, it should be my Mecca. But I hate it.  The majority of my exposure to Kensington is from weekends when I would go downtown with GC and then he would head to work and I would wander through the city. Kensington on the weekends, especially pedestrian Sundays is *cringe* a nightmare. There are too many people who overrun the small sidewalks that are already crowded with stalls and bins of cheap sunglasses, smelly fish and nuts. But I do have my favourites. I love Blue Banana, Kid Icarus, Sanagan’s Meat Locker, Pizzeria Via Mercanti and of course, Toronto Popcorn Company. And no, I haven’t tried Seven Lives. Yet.

IMG_5631Despite my hate for Kensington, I ventured there twice in the span of two days – shocking I know. GC and I ventured down the next afternoon to try some sandwiches. When we arrived at the restaurant, it was still closed. There was a sign on the door advising that the restaurant would be opening slightly later than advertised and there was a queue of about 20 people waiting eagerly for sandwiches. The door was opened about 5 minutes after the new time but we rushed in.

The restaurant is situated on the corner of Baldwin and Kensington and the two exterior walls facing the streets are large, airy windows. Sunlight streams in from the street and highlights the gorgeous tiles that covers the walls and floors. A large, narrow, open concept kitchen is the focal point of the restaurant with a bar giving seating overlooking this kitchen. There is not a ton of seating in the restaurant, we were perched at a chair-rail like bar in a corner behind the entrance.

I ordered the Cubana sandwich.

IMG_5637The Cubana sandwich with smoked ham, adobo pork, bacon, gouda, avocado, chipotle, mustard and tomato.

This is my favourite Cubana sandwich I have tried, and may even well be my favourite sandwich I have ever eaten. The bun (from Blackbird Baking Co. across the street – another Kensington favourite of mine) was substantial and didn’t crumble under all the beautiful meat and other toppings but also was chewy, soft and moist. I didn’t have to force the sandwich into the back of my mouth and rip with my stronger, more prehistoric-like molars.

The smoked ham was a slice of Easter dinner on a bun. It was thick, juicy and fatty. I loved that it was actually a piece of ham clearly cut from a hock rather than deli meat.The adobo pork was spicy and complimented the richness of the ham. And if two types of pork were not enough for you, there is bacon on this sandwich. The bacon is crispy and salty, making it not just a third type of pork but a third, and completely different flavor and texture profile highlighting how versatile pork is.

The condiments added a balance of tartness from the mustard and sweetness from the tomato and the avocado. The cheese melted over the meat and was smoky and cheesy yumminess.

GC ordered the Milanesa sandwich.

IMG_5634The Milanesa sandwich with breaded chicken, manchego, chipotle mayo, refritos, avocado, tomato and onion.

If there is one thing you need to know about GC it is that he loves a a good sandwich, and especially a fried chicken sandwich. While I preferred my Cubana to his Milanesa, this sandwich was exactly what he was looking for. The chicken was crispy and well battered; the batter didn’t peel off the chicken with every bite. It was spicy, crunchy and cheesy.

We thoroughly enjoyed our sandwiches and we can’t wait to go back. This summer will be filled with visits to Kensington Market, picking up take-out from San Cosme and drinking covert beers in parks. It’s going to be an amazing summer.

Happy munching!!!

Baker and Scone

A few weeks ago, ampoule GC and I headed to Hamilton for a day hiking but first, see we needed sustenance. We headed down to St. Clair to check out a new bakery, stuff Baker and Scone.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

This is an adorable bakery. It is bright, airy and has a very French-vibe to it. The walls are a soft green, with accents of white and marble. The scones are displayed in whimsical containers, constantly being refilled with fresh baked goodness. The bakery is simple, but thought out, allowing you to focus on the pastries.

We ordered six different flavours: 1. Buttermilk Double Vanilla 2. Gruyere, Chive and Dill 3. Lemon Poppy Seed 4. Blueberry Vanilla 5. Lemon Currant and 6. Orange, Cardamon and Date.

The day we went, the scones were cooked a little too crispy. Scones should not have a hard, crusty exterior to them; a little firmness, yes, but not a dark, golden brown colour. This level of crispiness was perfect for the savoury Gruyere, Chive and Dill scone. It was cheesy, with fresh flavours from the herbs. The crunchy exterior gave the satisfying crunch with every bite.

The sweet scones were not helped with this level of crunchiness. However, once you broke through the crispiness, the insides of the scones were soft, delicate and full of fruity flavours. The flavours were intense and bright, using fresh ingredients. All the scones with lemon flavour had intense, natural, lemon zest flavour to them – they were delicious.

A simple and thoughtful touch is that all scones can be accompanied by a small container of real butter and you can purchase a small jar of Greaves jam too. These are the perfect toppings to create a perfect light breakfast or a snack for a road trip. As you can tell, my only complaint with the scones was that they were a little too-well done for my liking. I have talked to a few other people who have been and they said that their scones did not suffer this affliction. This is reassuring because I would love to have a close-to-home-scone option. I will be going back to see if this is the case and will keep you posted.

After we picked up our scones we headed to the Royal Botanical Gardens in Hamilton for a day of lilacs, hiking and chipmunks.



Moo Milk Bar

Last Saturday morning, order GC and I ventured out to the Beaches to finally try Moo Milk Bar. When I had heard about this bakery months ago I knew we had to go and check it out. The problem is, cialis the Beaches are ridiculously far from our house and we rarely make the trek over there. Our trip on Saturday was just to get milk and cookies, viagra sale to satisfy a craving and this week’s Gastropost mission.

Moo Milk Bar opened in August and is literally a milk bar. I think this is great because I always talk about how if I had my own cupcake shop (this is not happening so don’t get excited, it is just one of those things that gets thrown around whenever we visit a bakery and we compare what is there versus what I would do if I had my own spot) I would have a sign saying “We have milk on tap.” They make different flavoured milk and cookies to go with the milk. The store is small and simple but beautifully showcases the reason why you came – the milk and cookies. The aroma is overwhelming and cozy and just makes you feel nostalgic and happy. My favourite part of our visit was talking with the owners. It is a husband and wife team and we were served by the husband. GC asked him where they got the idea from and he launched into a speech about how it was his wife’s idea and how she is brilliant and everything she makes is delicious. It was so touching to hear how he talked about her. You could tell it was genuine and he loved his wife and her cooking/baking so much. When she came up from the basement, his face just lit up even more – it just added to the coziness and warmth of the place. This bakery combined two things a love – delicious baked goods and people in love with food, and more importantly, each other. We bought a cookie and a milk each – for $5.00 – and then headed down to the boardwalk to munch. It was windy, cold and brisk that day but one of my favourite things to do is to visit the beach when no one else is there. The beach wasn’t empty that day – there was people kite surfing and walking their dogs (on a cold November afternoon) but we were still able to have a little snack picnic in peace.

GC got an Oatmeal Raisin cookie with Bottom of the Bowl milk. GC liked his cookie but it was a little hard for his liking; he prefers his OR cookies to be chewy and soft. It had a good amount of oatmeal and raisins though, it was just the texture we had an issue with. If you are getting just milk, I would recommend Bottom of the Bowl. It is from Cinnamon Toast Crunch and it tastes exactly like the milk at the bottom of the bowl after you finish your cereal. It is such a strange sensation when you drink it – you feel satisfied as if you have just finished your breakfast but you haven’t. It seems like something out of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. It’s magical, playful and sweet. You can also ask them to heat up your milk or turn it into a latte of sorts – we are definitely doing that next time.

I got a Chocolate Chip cookie with Vanilla milk.

This is the best chocolate chip cookie I have ever had. It was moist, buttery, chewy and still slightly doughy. It was perfectly browned and crunchy on the outside but this was all a protective shell for the deliciousness inside. The chocolate chips were melted and delicate when you bit into them. Yums.

This milk was perfect for drinking with cookies. It was speckled with gorgeous vanilla bean seeds and tasted exactly like a vanilla milkshake. This would be an amazing milk to make lattes and other coffees with.

This place is simple perfection fitting for a bakery serving up childhood memories in the form of milk and cookies.