S’mores Cookie Bars

Happy birthday Le Faz!!! Today is officially her birthday and for her birthday I baked her s’mores cookie bars.

photo 5The only problem with s’mores is that they are impossible to make when you are not near a bonfire which is a constant problem of mine. However, these solve that problem. AND they are much tidier and easier to eat. You will not have to worry about melty marshmallow strings all over your face.

photo 3(1)They are the perfect combination of cookie and square. The graham cracker crust bottom is buttery and crumbly, creating a light, delicate base for the heaviness of the cookie to rest on. The cookie is buttery and rich, dotted with marshmallows and chocolate chips. The top has less melted marshmallows and whole chunks of chocolate bar. The chocolate bar is broken up into chunks and then frozen, ensuring that they don’t completely melt into the square; genius.

I love these and will definitely make them again and again. Recipe is below the cut and happy munching!

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Cookie Roundup

January has come and gone and I am proud to say, my New Year’s resolutions have not fallen by the wayside. More accurately, most have not fallen by the wayside.¬† I am slowly working my way through Martha Stewart’s Cookies, satisfying two resolutions (using cookbooks and baking more). Below are three recipes from her book that I have made so far.

Cookies1. Oatmeal raisin cookies – these cookies were chewy, moist and the perfect snack for work. The batter takes a little work to get used to: my first dozen pancaked out and were not the desired texture. I rolled the batter into tighter balls and lightly pressed them flatter which resulted in soft, moist pillows of oat-filled yums. I am going use this recipe again and again using various dried fruits.
2. Dark chocolate cherry cookies – stop what you are doing and make these cookies now. They are slightly expensive to make as dried cherries are ridiculously priced (at Bulk Barn they are $16/lb!) but they are so worth it. They are super chocolatey, with chunks of soft chocolate embedded in the already chocolate cookie and hints of sweet, souriness from the cherries. I brought most of the cookies to work and they were gone instantly. I made the rookie mistake of bringing the container into the lunch room where I was then forced to share with random coworkers I don’t know. Everyone at work is now pushing for more homemade baked goods.
3. Truffle brownies – these were extremely rich, dense and chocolate filled. I would recommend making them for an extreme chocolate lover and cut them into smaller pieces. The recipe says serves 12 (I cut them into 8 because I have an inability to slice anything round into any amount other than 8) but I would say you could cut the slices even smaller.

Any of these cookies were make the perfect work day snack or a special treat of Valentine’s Day. Happy munching!


Creamy Layered Lemon Squares

More baking done over Easter – Creamy Layered Lemon Squares from Kraft’s What’s Cooking.

1. Everyone should have at least one white trash recipe in their arsenal. And by white trash, I mean a dessert that contains Cool Whip.

2. This is the only way I will purchase Cool Whip – if its going to be used in some other way that makes it unrecognizable as Cool Whip.

3. This is basically a cheesecake with a Cool Whip lemon jello layer on top. This is light, and creamy and the perfect dessert for finishing a heavy, holiday dinner.

4. Again, I used steroid-induced gargantuan strawberries and I probably should have quartered them rather than just cutting them in half. This¬† is more of an aesthetic thing. I was also supposed to top the squares with strawberries but I didn’t want to do it before it set and when I remembered it was in the trunk of my car and we were driving to Brampton.

Happy munching!

Nanaimo Bars

I had been craving Nanaimo bars since Christmas time – I baked all the cookies and my mom baked all the squares. The only squares she didn’t get to baking was Nanaimo bars. Boo.

If you haven’t had a Nanaimo bar then you clearly aren’t Canadian. If you are legitimately Canadian and by some chance you haven’t had a Nanaimo bar, I apologize for doubting your Canadian-ness. On the website for the city of Nanaimo, British Columbia there is even a button saying, “Looking for Nanaimo Bars?

I didn’t take any pictures of my bars because I cut them really badly and they didn’t look like the most appetizing things. Nanaimo bars are my favourite dessert and sometimes the store bought ones just don’t suffice. The main difference between homemade and store bought Nanaimo bars is the creamy custard layer. And the cookie chocolate layer. Those are two pretty big differences… Opt for the homemade thing. They are easy to make and they can be made on the stove – no need to turn on the oven! Which is perfect for making these bars for Canada Day!

See the official Nanaimo bar recipe below!

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Creamy Lemon Squares

I was staring at the the fridge the other day trying to find something to eat. Our fridge has been full of leftovers since Christmas and now there is a ham bone in a plastic bag, some cheese spreads and a carton of eggs. Ok, this is an exaggeration but when you are starving it feels like that sometimes. In my quest for a breakfast food, I was looking at the freezer door and saw the recipe for Anna Olson’s Creamy Lemon squares that I have seen every day for the past year or so and decided that I would make them when I got home from work that day. This was Monday.

1. These squares are traditional lemon squares meet cheesecake and the results are creamy, light and fluffy. I slightly overloaded these with icing sugar and just for future reference, only put the icing sugar on the squares right before eating.

2. I don’t have a food processor so I had to use my hand mixer to mix the rock hard butter, sugar and flour. Type: if you don’t have a food processor, don’t use hard butter, use room temperature butter.

3. I got anxious and excited and couldn’t wait the suggested 3 hours chill time and cut them after half an hour. That was too soon. It was hard to cut these because they were so tall and fluffy because they hadn’t firmed up. It might also help to use a larger pan – the recipe calls for an 8″ square pan to be used but I think if you used a larger pan there would be more squares (bonus!), they would be shorter and therefore easier to cut. Is there a pan between 8″ and 9″x13″? There must be.

I would suggest everyone makes and then eats them immediately. Or more accurately, wait the three hours the recipe tells you to.

See the recipe below the cut!

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