Front Street Food

Last summer Front Street Foods launched outside of Union Station. It was a giant food market with various vendors that served all the tastes of Toronto conveniently in the Financial District. But it was not so convenient for me who spent part of last summer in exile at Eglinton and Mount Pleasant *shudder* and the remainder of the summer at Yonge and Bloor. I was so excited to hear that the market was back this summer but in a new location: a courtyard at Adelaide and York. Last week Giancarlo and I had a lunch date and went over to the market to check it out.


The market is not in the greatest spot and you won’t randomly stumble across. It is up a flight of stairs and tucked in between two office towers and a hotel. But once you arrive at the market, healing it is like stepping into a city oasis. You are greeted with a large sign encouraging you to eat in large marquee letters. There are dozens of picnic tables, high tables for standing and trees to provide ample shade. We did a quick circle around the market and decided on two options: Hot Bunzz Street Cuisine and Fish’d by Edo.

IMG_6678We ordered the Seoul City Beef Short Rib and the Texas BBQ Pulled Pork bun from Hot Bunzz Street Cuisine.


Left: The Seoul City Beef Short Rib bun with slow braised beef short rib Kobi style with caramelized onion; topped with kimchi puree, sesame soy sauce and garlic aioli.

Right: The Texas BBQ Pulled Pork bun with pulled slow roasted pork with caramelized onion, herbs and spices; topped with chef’s Pork BBQ sauce and coleslaw aioli.

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Milagro – Part II

Before Easter my sisters, order GC and I went for dinner at Milagro.

Milagro - IITop left, clockwise: Tacos Rosarito with sauteed shrimp, refritos, crema, aguacate and salsa rosarito.

Trio botanero: guacamole, refritos and pico de gallo.

Tacos la Perla with battered snapper, tropical slaw, and chile crema.

Panela Burrito with arroz, refritos, guacamole, chipotle-mayo, jalapeno and fresh cheese a la plancha.

As per usual, everything at Milagro was delicious. Highlights for me included the refried beans (both on their own and in tacos), the housemade tortilla chips, the shrimp in the rosarito taco, and the corn that came with the burrito.

Next time, I swear, I will order something other than fish tacos.

Happy munching!


Burrito Boyz

Two weeks ago I went to Burrito Boyz.

1. There is literally no point in photographing a burrito – it will always look unappetizing. Yet, I will continue to do so and share with all you fine people.

2. Burrito Boyz doesn’t have a pulled pork  burrito- how is this possible? They have steak and chicken instead. I opted for the chicken and it was chewy and dry. The fact that the meat component of my burrito was rather lack luster made me even more disappointed that I wasn’t eating a pulled pork burrito. And there were no pinto beans which meant I had to have black beans.

3. I got all the toppings because I felt overwhelmed and awkward. I liked the addition of the jalapeno peppers and the special burrito sauce – they added a great heat. I didn’t mind the black beans as much as I thought I had in the past but I would have still preferred pinto beans; pinto beans add a nice smoky flavour.  I got too many toppings and there was too many competing flavours throughout the burrito.

4. They toast the burrito on the grill and smash it down to compress all the flavours and juiciness. This makes for an easier to eat burrito and if you want to eat and munch this would be perfect. However, out of personal preference, I don’t like the toasted, crunchy tortilla shell.

I think I will stick to my pulled pork burrito from Chipotle.