Canada Day 2014

Oh, Canada! Here is a round up of delicious Canadian-inspired cookies and other treats!

DSC_0220-300x300 Sugar cookies byBrant Cookies.Kodomo Cookies I Kodomo Cookies IIKodomo Cookies IIISugar cookies by by Kodomo Cookies.

Beaver CupcakesBeaver cupcakes from Canadian Living.

Sweet Treats N Healthy EatsSugar cookies by Sweet Treats ‘n Healthy Eats.

maple-bacon-cupcakes-plainMaple bacon cupcakes by Make Fabulous Cakes.


Red and white tablescape from Savvy Mom.decorations3-canadaParty buffet table from Luxury Day outdoor barbeque from HGTV.

Canada Day – Baconation

Happy Birthday Canada! What better way to celebrate the birth of our great country then by eating bacon prepared in 6 different ways? NO WAY! On Canada Day we headed down to Harbourfront Centre for Baconation by Barque.

For $7 you got 6 samples (top middle, clockwise):

IMG_40241. Pig Licker – root beer float with chocolate covered candied bacon
This is the best chocolate covered bacon I’ve had. I’m not a fan of bacon and chocolate, I don’t think it is a necessary combination or a successful one. This bacon however, was the perfect amount of crispy and the chocolate was softly enrobbing the bacon. This wasn’t a necessary garnish or a successful one to add to a root beer float but it was still tasty.

2. Fake ‘n Bacon – smoked tofu with lemony greens
I do not typically like tofu. Why eat fake meat when you can eat real meat? But this was one of my prefered samples of the day. Crispy, seasoned nicely and freshness from the greens; a perfectly composed sample.

3. Smoked Pork Belly – with grilled pineapple and hoisin BBQ sauce
This was my favourite sample of the day. Pineapple and pork are best friends and the hoisin BBQ sauce took this up a notch. I could have eaten about 40 more of these. I think I should make my own skewers like this to satisfy this urge – who agrees?

4. Canadian Sausage – smoked bacon wrapped weenie with ketchup BBQ sauce
This was also delicious! The weenie was sweet and the bacon was wrapped tightly but not too tight. With the first bite, the wrapping stayed intact like a tightly wrapped Christmas present. I would love to go to a holiday party where these are the cocktail weenies.

5. Peameal Bacon Taco – with maple slaw and grainy mustard aioli
This taco is better in theory than it is in execution. There was not enough sauce and slaw to make the taco creamy and hold it together. There was no acidity from the slaw or the mustard, which was a huge miss for me. The peameal bacon was unfortunately dry. This was my least favourite sample of the three which I didn’t think would be the case when there is a tofu version of bacon on the menu…

6. Bacon Chips – crispy corn tortillas with smoked bacon salt, charred corn and bacon salsa.
I think all nachos should be made like this. Smoky, salty and crispy. I loved, loved, loved this. I want a huge platter of it next time I go for beers.

And of course, floating around the plate, the seasoned popcorn that greets you at your table at Barque. My palate is not defined enough that I can actually identify all the spices and seasonings but floating around in there is some cinammon and chili powder. I wish I could get this rub and put it on my own popcorn at home or sneak it into the movie theatre.

This event was a great introduction to the cabilities and creativity of Barque. It was a nice little taste for us to experience before we went to the restaurant, two days later for GC’s birthday – more on that later! Another great event put on by Harbourfront Centre and another great Canada Day.

Happy munching and happy Canada Day!