Mother’s Dumplings

A few weeks ago I introduced GC to Mother’s Dumplings and of course, he fell in love.

page1. Pork and chives dumplings
2. Potato pancake
3. Wonton soup; Beef and celery dumplings.

We tried a bit of everything but I would have to say my favourite were the pan fried beef and celery dumplings.The dumplings are slightly crispy on the outside, without being greasy and they retain the soft, fleshiness of the wrapper. The beef was delicate with hints of spice that was mellowed by the tart, fresh taste of the celery. This is not a combination I would have thought of, but it works nicely together.

We tried to go again on Chinese New Year last Friday with Cynthia but of course, they were rammed. For future reference, they do take reservations but only for groups of six or more. We will just have to find three more people to join us next year!

Happy munching!