New job… new life.

People view the new year as an opportunity to create goals and resolutions, try to reflect on the past year and move forward, buy whether that be emotionally, personally, physically or professionally. I had one goal for 2016: to find a new job. I had been working for the same company for almost 4 years and I was disinterested, unchallenged and frustrated. In January 2016 I made a concerted effort to take control over my own career and make a change. I fortunately was able to do this fairly quickly, finding a new job by mid-February and starting this job within the first week of March.

IMG_5657As my 2016 new year’s resolution is already complete, I am viewing this new job as an opportunity to create more personal goals to not only achieve in 2016 but to maintain as a new lifestyle change to coincide with this new job:

  1. Write more. Simply put, writing makes me happy. I like having a place that chronicles my thoughts and feelings towards food and my daily life in the city. And this makes for such an easy reference to have on restaurant and recipe ideas. There is a study that indicates that if you take photos of your food prior to eating it, you enjoy it that much more. Imagine the enjoyment in a meal in writing about it after?
  1. Exercise more. If I love food as much as I do, I need to take care of my body more. A few weeks ago when the weather was very briefly tolerable I went for my first run in MONTHS and it was expectedly horrible. But, I know I’ve been there before and can push through it again and make this a part of my routine. Part of pushing back in the initial frustration of exercise is finding new exercises or workouts that are fun. This past weekend I rediscovered skipping (as in rope, not hopscotch) and apparently, skipping rope burns the equivalent calories to that of running an 8-minute mile? Whether or not this is true it is fun and it can’t do any harm. And of course, whenever exercise is discussed, the topic of learning to ride a bike resurfaces.
  1. Eat less bad food. I don’t mean this as eat less food that is bad for me. No. That will clearly never stop. I mean eat less food that is just bad. Fast food, junk food, delivery. Why get fat eating things that don’t even taste that good?
  1. Do more. The idea of doing more encapsulates the three points above and reinforces the idea of being active and engaged in life. In the winter it is easy to fall into the habit of being a lump on the couch, binge watching hours and hours of tv/movies but as the weather improves, there are no excuses. GC and I have agreed to spend more time outside, take walks each evening after dinner and just be more active in the city.

Here’s to 2016 and all the new challenges, opportunities and adventures it has to offer!