My Thanksgiving Feast

Ok, medicine so I am working on a slight delay but you have to give me a break. Or at least please, ask try and forgive my tardiness over the Christmas holidays. Just after American Thanksgiving (yes, a month ago) I cooked my own version of a Thanksgiving feast. A Thanksgiving feast does not need to have turkey, just a delicious, juicy meat, oozing with flavour, texture and aroma. I cooked pork tenderloin for our feast with sides of mashed potatoes, carrots and brussel sprouts.

Recipes linked below – happy munching!photo 1(1)1. Brown Sugar Balsamic Pork Tenderloin (recipe from Sweet Hersey Living)
2. Citrus-Glazed Carrots (recipe from Bon Appétit)
3. Brussel Sprouts with Shallots and Pancetta (recipe from Bon Appétit)


Fall Sangria and Tree Trimming

pageOn December 3rd, store we trimmed our Christmas tree. This year, prescription we stuck with red and green ornaments, dotted with personal ornaments we are slowly adding to the collection. Each year, we are going to buy one new ornament, and slowly, over the years we will have a tree filled with unique and personal ornaments. Last year, the lovely Le Faz gave me a donut-shaped ornament and my parents gave us two pinecone-shaped ornaments made from antique book pages. This year, I gave GC an ornament to commemorate his proposal:

icm_fullxfull.32810937_sju25nmlm8040ckcg8soOf course, no tree trimming is complete without booze and I made us an autumn inspired sangria. My favourite part was the cinnamon-sugar rim.  The cocktail was too citrusy and this did not compliment the strong seasonal flavours of cinnamon a cloves.

Recipe is below the cut. Happy festive boozing!

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Soup Round Up

It would seem that all I cook lately is soup. The weather screams from soup to be eaten: it is cold, sovaldi sale raining and dreary. Below is a round up of all the soup I have made in the past couple of weeks from the Williams-Sonoma Soup of the Day book:

Soup Round Up1. Goulash
2. Yellow Split Pea Soup with Ham
3. Sweet Potato Corn Chowder with Avocado
4. Tomato Bisque
5. White Bean and Ham Soup
6. Pumpkin Gruyere Soup

I highly recommend making either #1,  definitely 4 and 5!

Happy munching!

Pumpkin Gruyere Soup

November 8th’s soup: Pumpkin Gruyere soup.

All soup is starting to look the same to me… and I am going to stop taking photos of them. I am planning on taking a slight hiatus from soups which is perfect since the weather is supposed to warm up this week (11 degree celcius on Thursday!).

Last week I made the pumpkin gruyere soup from my book and I did not like it. To be fair, I added too much pumpkin (Canadian cans are almost twice as big apparently) but then I did adjust the recipe to compensate for this. Pumpkin has such a distinctive taste that I associate with pie that I almost can’t get over it and use it in anything but dessert. The gruyere was supposed to add a smoky, nuttiness to the soup but because of gruyere’s melty quality, the cheese did not fully incorporate into the soup, and instead, made me want to eat fondue.

If you like pumpkin, and pumpkin soup specfically, give this soup a try (the recipe is below cut!). I, however, will be sticking with my squash soups for now.

Happy munching!

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Yellow Split Pea Soup with Ham

February 24th’s soup: Yellow Split Pea Soup with Ham.

Split pea soup looks revolting so I am not going to force you to look at it. I think this is a good recipe but I think we are just not split pea soup people. The texture of split peas is too chalky for me. The only thing I did do differently from the recipe below is I partly pureed the soup, to give it that thicker, typical split pea texture.

Recipe below the cut – happy munching!

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Tomato Bisque

November 21st’s soup: Tomato Bisque.IMG_4903A simple, but delicious soup. I think everyone should take this soup recipe down. It is the best soup as a side for any sandwich or all on its own. It is creamy, perfectly seasoned with basil and has the sweet, acidic quality from the tomatoes.

GC said it is better than the tomato soup at Cheesewerks; I think he is biased. Another soup for the “Make Again” list.

Happy munching!

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White Bean and Ham Soup

November 15th’s soup: White Bean and Ham soup.

IMG_4889This is another thick and hearty soup. I love a soup that can stand on it’s own alone as a meal. This soup was my lunch for an entire week of work.

The soup is salty and fatty from the ham and bacon and is overloaded with protein from the two types of pork and the beans. This soup was better after the first day. I didn’t add extra salt since there are so many salty ingredients in this soup. Because of this, the soup wasn’t well seasoned on the first day but afterwards, as the meat had time to infuse the broth, and it was the perfect amount of salt. We both loved this soup and it is being added to the “Make Again” list.

The recipe calls for corn bread croutons which I didn’t make since I am not the biggest fan of cornbread (sacriledge I know) but I have left the instructions for them in the recipe.

Recipe is below the cut! Happy munching!

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November 19th’s soup: Goulash


IMG_4861 This is hearty, and warm soup with a hint of spice that warms my Eastern-European soul. The meat is tender and falls apart. The vegetables retain a bit of crunch, but are still delicate enough to be sliced with a spoon. The best part of this soup is how the longer it sits, the more intense and combined the flavours become. The meat becomes more and more infused with flavours and the whole soup becomes so much more cohesive, the flavours becoming more combined but still distinct.

This soup is simple but intense, filling and full of flavour. Recipe is below the cut!

Happy munching!

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Sweet Potato-Corn Chowder with Avocado

October 15th’s soup: Sweet Potato-Corn Chowder with Avocado

IMG_4968Photo Credit: Williams-Sonoma Soup of the Day

I made this soup a few weeks ago for my sister Liz. It was picked because the photo looked too tasty to pass up but unfortunately, the soup did not deliver as much as we had hoped. It had much less sweet potato than I was looking for and the photo made it seem like there was tomatoes in the soup, even though the ingredient list told otherwise.

The recipe calls to puree the soup (which I did) which makes it a chowder, but the photo does not look like a thick, filing chowder.

This soup taught me that I like corn chowder but this one is not for me. I liked it but did not love it so I would not make it again. Recipe is below the cut if you would like to give it a try.

Happy munching!

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Cauliflower Soup with Cheddar & Blue Cheese

IMG_4850It’s cold – why eat anything other than soup? October 12th soup was Cauliflower Soup with Cheddar and Blue Cheese. I really don’t think I need to tell you anything else to convince you to make this soup. There’s cheese which masks the fact that there is a vegetable in this soup. It’s basically like eating fondue.

But seriously. There is a delicious earthy flavour from the cauliflower and a hint of nutiness from the caraway seeds that beautifully freckle the soup. The cheddar cheese makes the soup creamy and thick and the blue cheese adds that hearty kick that instantly warms you up on a cold day.

Recipe is below the cut – you need to check it out! Happy munching!

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