Canada – Amsterdam BrewHouse

After indulding in some bacon at Harbourfront Centre’s Baconation we checked out some beers at the new Amsterdam Brewhouse.

Amsterdam BrewhouseWe started with two different Flight Tours – I ordered the King & Portland, GC ordered the Richmond & John. I love how there are so many different beers to try here and so many different ways to try them. The tasting flights features 4 5oz glasses and costs the same as a 20oz pint. The menu serves as coasters for your beers. My only criticism of this – the names of the beers are listed on the round emblems which end up under the glasses. You can’t get fussed about the name of a beer as long as it tastes good!

We shared Amsterdam Pretzel and the Crispy Fish Tacos.

IMG_4032This pretzel is yummmmmmy! Warm, doughy and perfectly salted. There were three flavours of mustard: Natural Blonde red currant mustard,  Big Wheel dijon and wort reduction. The mustards were very hot, a huge kick of horseradish right in the nose. I foresee many nights at the Brewhouse drinking flights of beer and eating these pretzels.

IMG_4033White corn tortillas, apple fennel slaw, cilantro, fresh lime, and house hot sauce. These were okay, not great. That is not surprising as this is a pub, not a Mexican restaurant. Stick with the pretzels, you won’t regret it!

We went back to the Brewhouse for a family dinner last week. I wasn’t thrilled with the service – I had made a reservation but we had to wait 10 minutes to be seated. When we were seated, it was at a table that was clearly meant for 4 people, not 6.Our server, however, was amazing – she knew everything about beers, what they paired well with and had lots of suggestions of what to order based on people’s tastes.

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Fish Tacos

Fish tacos are something that when I first heard of them, I was repulsed and confused. To me, tacos were always something with salsa and cheese and those condiments simply do not mix well with fish. Now that I have tried fish tacos and learned of the range of flavours and combinations that they can support, I can’t get enough of them.

Here is my first attempt at homemade fish tacos:

Fish Tacos1. I prefer my fish to be breaded and crispy in my fish tacos. This fish was marinated and then grilled. It was perfectly grilled, flaky and fruity. I didn’t marinate the meat long enough as I didn’t read the recipe before I started cooking and I got impatient. This would be a perfect taco to eat on a summer’s day in the backyard.

2. The mango slaw was fruity, light and citrusy. I didn’t add the chilies to avoid sinus issues but next time I definitely will. That kick of heat will take these tacos up a notch.

3. There was something missing from these tacos – a crunch of some sort. The recipe also suggested that instead or in addition to the mango slaw you could use a traditional cabbage slaw. With the fish not being breaded you need a crunch for some other source.

These were tasty but not my favourite. They are a lighter fish taco that reminds one of summer and citrus flavours and I will make them in the warmer months on the barbecue. Recipe is below the cut and happy munching!

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