Milagro – Part II

Before Easter my sisters, order GC and I went for dinner at Milagro.

Milagro - IITop left, clockwise: Tacos Rosarito with sauteed shrimp, refritos, crema, aguacate and salsa rosarito.

Trio botanero: guacamole, refritos and pico de gallo.

Tacos la Perla with battered snapper, tropical slaw, and chile crema.

Panela Burrito with arroz, refritos, guacamole, chipotle-mayo, jalapeno and fresh cheese a la plancha.

As per usual, everything at Milagro was delicious. Highlights for me included the refried beans (both on their own and in tacos), the housemade tortilla chips, the shrimp in the rosarito taco, and the corn that came with the burrito.

Next time, I swear, I will order something other than fish tacos.

Happy munching!


Meals in Minutes – Puttanesca

IMG_3418Meals in Minutes – Puttanesca

1. In Italian, Puttanesca literally means “whore’s style.’ Italian has an amazing way of making something dirty and crass sound exotic and beautiful. The pasta is called as such because it used a mixture of cheap, pantry items that anyone would have lying in their home.

2. I love how fishy (think whore’s style pasta…) this pasta is. The tuna and the anchovies are salty, but lean with subtle flavours that are highlighted by the fruitiness of the tomato and the olives.

3. This is a quick and easy pasta that if you love tuna you should give it a try.

Recipe below the cut, happy munching!

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A few weeks ago I went to Bent. I have been debating whether or not I should write about it because unfortunately, I got food poisoning for the first time. Food poisoning is terrible and I only had a very mild form which still left me in bed the next day. I didn’t want to talk about it because I don’t want to ruin Bent’s reputation because of the negative experience I had – not that I think I have the clout to do that. The servers were professional and the food was tasty but unfortunately, they did not deliver that night.

Outside of the food poisoning I had a few issues with Bent:

1. Bent is incredibly overpriced. It is a tapas-style restaurant which will always run a bit steep but unfortunately the portions were unsatisfying and small. Our server suggested that we only needed 2 plates each and this was an understatement. Ordering 4 tapas plates our bill, before tip, was almost $90.  I understand it was seafood but you are paying for the name (Susur Lee) and unfortunately it is not worth it.

2. The service was incredibly slow. Our server was knowledgable and friendly but it took forever to get our food. Tapas plates come out staggered but it should not take over 2 hours to eat a meal of this size, especially when the majority of the food is raw.

3. We ordered the Nigiri Tasting Plate, the Tuna & Watermelon ceviche, the Lobster tacos and the Duck Salad. My favourite was the nigiri tasting plate. The ceviche would have been good in theory but the chunks of tuna and watermelon were too large and did not interact with each other in every bite. I am convinced it is the ceviche that got me sick – I think the watermelon improperly cured the tuna and messed my system up..

At the end of the day, this was your typical Toronto pretentious dining experience – overpriced, low quality, and ultimately not worth it. If you choose to go, don’t get sick!

Sad munching…

Harbord Fish & Chips

Dating someone who grew up in the city has many benefits, one of them being knowing alleyways that allow you to slink and sneak throughout the city in significantly less time. Through a series of alleyways we travel through the Annex in about 5 minutes. There is beautiful graffiti, Juliette balconies and modern architecture. In the spring I want to walk through these alleys and photograph their simplicity.

Every time we are snaking through these alleys we pass Harbord Fish and Chips, a little hole in the wall place that looks like nothing special but its looks are deceiving. GC had been there years ago and every time we pass it, he suggests we give it a try but we had never gone until a few weeks ago. It was a gorgeous winter day – ridiculously warm and I wanted to enjoy some patio time. Unfortunately most restaurants don’t expect patio weather in January so the picnic tables outside Harbord Fish and Chips seemed like the perfect spot to enjoy some food.

IMG_3215 IMG_3216This beautiful, crispy flaky deliciousness was created by the most adorable older couple in a room that was no bigger than a small closet. The fish was fruity, flaky and fresh. The batter was salty, crispy and was perfectly greasy. The fries were some of the best fries I have had in the city. They tasted like potatoes, earthy and rich, with the perfect crisp and salt dusted on them.

This was a lot of food for me to handle and I definitely regret ordering this much. I later felt ill but I think that was my own gluttony rather than the food itself because GC was fine. If you are looking for perfect fish and chips, do not be put off by the simplicity and worn out sign, it has delicious and authentic fish and chips.

Happy munching!

Gastropost – Taco Take Over

This week’s challenge for Gastropost was Toronto’s Taco Take Over. I decided to do a little research into a new food truck that is starting, Gourmet Gringos, and find out what kind of tacos they will be serving up. The people at Gourmet Gringos were great, they gave me a photo of their Mahi Mahi fish taco and a description of all the deliciousness that it contains. You can check out my Gastropost page here and the the contains of the original post below.

Photo Credit: Suresh Doss – Spotlight Toronto

Instead of featuring a taco that I have had and so has everyone else, I decided to feature “The Taco I Can’t Wait to Eat” – the tacos from Gourmet Gringos. Gourmet Gringos is a new food truck that will be launching in the next couple weeks and is Toronto’s first Latin American inspired truck. The truck will feature a variety of tacos: mole braised short ribs, carnitas, cochinitas, braised shredded chicken, Argentinian steak and what I can’t wait for, the Mahi Mahi Fish Taco.

The Mahi Mahi Fish Taco uses fresh Mahi Mahi fillets marinated overnight, then battered in a seasoned beer batter and fried until crispy and golden brown. The fillets are served on a fresh corn tortilla topped with homemade coleslaw, guacamole and finished off with a chipotle aioli (as described by the chef behind Gourmet Gringos).

Umm, yes, please! Only two more weeks until this becomes a reality!

This week`s Gastropost challenge is pack your food… Anyone up for a picnic?

La Carnita

Last week, we kicked off the weekend by going to a new taco restaurant on College, La Carnita.

La Carnita started as a pop-up food vendor that combined tacos and art in order to get around Toronto’s archaic food laws. They were so successful that they were able to open a location in Little Italy – high pedestrian and food lover traffic. I had never managed to track them down at an event so the fact that they now have a stationary location makes me extremely happy.

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Joey’s Fish Tacos

On a Friday night after work I went to Joey Eaton Centre for dinner with my friend Julianna. We both ordered a lot of beer and the Baja Fish Tacos.

Baja Fish Tacos: fish & shrimp, seek white corn tortillas, remedy guacamole & very Mexican hot sauce, medical no fries here

As far as fish tacos from a chain go, these were pretty good. The fish was flaky and crispy, the guacamole was creamy, the salsa was fresh and had big chunks of tomato in it and it all topped with lettuce.

I only had three complaints:

1. I wish the hot sauce was in the taco as opposed to on the side. It could have been better incorporated but I understand it was done this way because not everyone likes hot sauce.

2. Fish tacos should be topped with cabbage, not lettuce.

3. There was shrimp in these?



Dijon Cod & Veggie Bundle

On Monday night I made Dijon Cod and  veggie bundles from Campbell’s. Mine did not look like this and I didn’t like the recipe so I didn’t bother to photograph it. These are the issues that occur in my kitchen – hissy fits about how I have plated dishes.

1. Big surprise, the vegetables didn’t cook. Sweet potatoes take a long time to cook – longer than the 20 minutes the recipe called for. The green beans barely softened so the entire dish was crunchy and raw. I think this ruined the whole meal for me.

2. Brown rice fail.

3. The mustard flavour wasn’t as strong as I would have liked it to be. And I didn’t use Dijon mustard, I used hot house deli mustard because that was what was in my fridge. There is a mustard shop in St. Lawrence market that I would like to check out soon and get some different types of mustard.

4. The fish was really nicely cooked though – it was juicy and flaky. I don’t cook enough fish and I really should because it’s easy and delicious. I like to cook food that if I under cook it I won’t die – beef and fish are pretty much the only foods that fill this category.

5. I think I would like this meal more if I had cooked all the components separately and then just plated the dish accordingly.

Overall I wasn’t delighted or blown away by this recipe so I will not be making it again.