Farmhouse Tavern

Another Sunday, another brunch. We are now doing brunch in a very efficient, almost OCD way: I have created a list on my phone of all the BlogTO brunch spots, added addresses and hours and we are slowly working our way down the list. We are going to each of these spots right as they open. Using this method, a few weeks ago GC and I went for a brunch date to Farmhouse Tavern.

Farmhouse Tavern is a very unique, homey and comforting vibe with it’s authentic and rustic farming decorations: The smoker on the patio is built into a tractor, our seats were tractor seats, there are farming pamphlets on the wall and everything has a cute, country flair to it.

The menu is anything but traditional which is refreshing and fun. My only complaint with the menu is that it was written on a blackboard without descriptions, making it awkward to see and forcing you to ask your server for explanations of everything. But as we were there first thing, our server was accessible and in good spirits.

GC ordered Mother ‘n Child Reunion.

IMG_4878Mother ‘n Child with duck eggs, soft boiled and deep fried, with streaks of duck prosciutto, hunk of tasted bread and a salad.

The name of this dish is awesome – it is witty, yet vulgar and still to the point. If you add foie gras to this dish, it is called the “Threesome .” This dish was presented beautifully: simple, but elegant and modern. Everything was delicious and decadent. I would definitely recommend this dish.

I ordered the Hangover Poutine.

IMG_4881 IMG_4882The Hangover Poutine with fresh cut cubed fries, coated with Thunder Oak Gouda, rabbit rillete and braised leeks.

Although I was not hungover, this dish was to die for. It was comforting but indulgent as the fois gras gently melted over the poutine and  in your mouth. The cheesy added a nutty, saltiness to the dish. It was a perfectly seasoned, flavored and paired.

You definitely need to check out Farmhouse Tavern for brunch – and even better, they take reservations! By text no less! I am patiently awaiting my next visit.

Happy munching!