Penne Carbonara


Sometimes it is hard to maintain a food blog. You feel lazy and uninspired with your cooking so you go out for dinner. But instead of trying new and exciting places you opt for the good ole standbys. For us, this includes wings, sushi and unfortunately, a lot of Wendy’s. This has been my problem for about the past two months. Life has been chaotic lately and the weather has been unbearable with humidity and rain so my interest in food has fallen by the wayside.

BUT good news brought good food. Things at work brightened up so we had a celebratory dinner of pasta carbonara.

1. The recipe I used was from Michael Smith. I had taken a personal day the week before for an appointment and some shopping and while bumming around on the couch I stumbled across this recipe. It looked too good to not make as soon as possible.

2. Do not be scared by seemingly raw eggs! (They aren’t seemingly raw, they technically are).The hot pasta cooks the eggs and melts the cheese and makes for a creamy, delicious, stringy nest of yums.

3. This meal is the perfect hit of salt if you are craving savoury food. The quick fry of the pancetta and prosciutto brings out the fatty, salty goodness which is a natural pairing for the creaminess of the pasta.  The two types of Italian pork make this dish decadent and completely ridiculous.

4. The oregano is the  third component of this meal and it completes the dish. It brings a freshness to the dish that offsets the richness of the cheese, meat and egg. My brief stint in gardening is not resulting as well as I had planned and unfortunately my fresh herbs are shrivelled and pathetic. Instead of a summer with fresh herbs from my garden I have had to settle on fresh herbs from the grocery store. However, regardless of where the oregano is coming from, it makes this dish complete.

5. This might be my new favourite meal to make. It takes about 15 minutes to make and is filling, satisfying and a completely delicious. It is like a piece of Italy in a bowl that you can just hug close and drift away on a cold, rainy, gloomy day or a bright, sunny, happy day. That is the best kind of meal – a meal that brings comfort regardless of the  context you make it in. The only downside of this meal is the cost. Because of the limited number of ingredients: Parmesan, prosciutto and pancetta, they need to be very high quality and therefore expensive. It is probably a blessing in disguise because although it is delicious it is extremely not healthy.

6. GC said this is the best and creamiest carbonara he has ever had = seal of approval from an actual Italian = you should all make this now.

Happy munching!