Bang Bang Ice Cream

There is a new addition to the Ossington Strip – Bang Bang Ice Cream. Bang Bang Ice Cream is brought to you by the people who are behind Bakerbots. It opened earlier this summer in May. Since it has opened, it has been busy and people can’t stop talking about it so we decided we needed to check it out.

We both ordered a half cookie each, at the price tag of $4.50 each. I got the RoCocoa Dark Sable cookie with Strawberry Ice Cream and GC ordered the Gingerrrrrr Spicy Chewy cookie with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream.

IMG_0810Top: The Gingerrrrrr Spicy Chewy cookie with Barbados molasses and peppered tops.
Bottom: The RoCocoa Dark Sable cookie with cocoa brut, 70% callebaut chocolate, and maldon salt.

These were both delicious! As you can see, the ice cream to cookie ratio is generous and well worth the price. I don’t think I could eat a whole cookie by myself but I am definitely not ruling that out as these are so good! My cookie was rich and decadent. I loved how the chocolatey richness was offset by little salty granules. It was soft, moist and chewy, making it the perfect cookie for an ice cream sandwich. The strawberry ice cream is easily the best strawberry ice cream I have ever had. It tasted like fresh Ontario strawberries: sweet with hints of tartness throughout the luscious ice cream.

GC’s cookie was the best ginger cookie ever. It was soft, moist and perfectly spiced with ginger. There was no cloying sweetness from excessive molasses, just the perfect hints of sugar to balance the blend of spices. The vanilla ice cream was pure and simple, dotted with dainty dark vanilla beans. Yums.

We will definitely be going back. I am mad to try the birthday cake cookie, the avocado ice cream and the ice cream puffs! Happy munching!


Carrot Ginger Soup

Soup, soup, soup! ‘Tis the season for soup and I have been making tons of different types of soups using the Williams-Sonoma Soup of The Day cookbook. My only issue with this cookbook is the fact that there are very few pictures. I understand that a soup, is a soup, and they look very similar but I still like to see what I am going to eat.

Get ready to be inundated with soup recipes all season long. The first soup I made was the soup for October 1: Carrot Ginger soup.

photo1.  I don’t love ginger. I didn’t grow up eating a lot of ginger and it is definitely an acquired flavour. It is a mixture of spice and sweetness which can nicely round out a dish or completely overpower. Unfortunately, in this dish, it completely overwhelmed all other flavours in the dish.

2. I would suggest using less broth to make this soup because in my opinion, all homemade soup should be thick and slightly chunky. This soup was too thin for my liking.

3. The orange zest was a nice bit of zing in the soup but when working in tandem with the ginger, it created an overwhelming citrus, fruity note to the soup.

We finished off the soup but I will not be making this soup again. If you love ginger, this soup is for you!

Recipe is below the cut, and happy munching!

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