Halloween Weekend

Happy Halloween! I was not a true Halloweenie this year. I didn’t plan my costume early. I didn’t bake any Halloween-inspired cookies or do any other Halloween-inspired baking. And my pumpkin carving failed. But it’s ok!! I am currently watching the Food Network’s Halloween Wars and I’m feeling overwhelmed and inspired.

On Friday night, I went to Steamwhistle’s Halloween Party – I was a Bank Robber with a Fortune Cookie, a Boxer and my own Charlie Brown.

On Saturday night I went to Bannock for dinner with some friends and had the free run turkey burger with heirloom tomatoes, avacado and dill pickle mayo and the boneless back rib burger and smokey tomato jam and maple mustard bbq (not whole burgers!! Half and half!). No pictures unfortunately but it just means I will have to go back. They have a poutine pizza. Like seriously.

On Sunday we went to Wanda’s Pie in the Sky. i have been a strong advocate against this place since last summer when I bought a Sour Cherry Pie that was overpriced and was not so great. Now, I am spoiled. My mom makes the best pies I have ever had so I typically don’t even bother. But today we were meeting another couple for breakfast but we were starving so we went for a slice of pie. Well we ended up with something better.

To be honest, I don’t know what this is called. It was good. It had egg, mushrooms, rosemary, and lots of cheese. And the crust. It was croissant dough. So buttery and delicious. I would like to host a brunch and invite everyone and make these.

They also had Halloween themed cupcakes. I should have gotten some…

Spooky and cute! I love the chocolate decorations. They are so delicate and perfect. This is something that I think would be fairly easy to do and could be fun to do for Valentine’s (with hearts) or Christmas (with musical notes) or New Year’s (with numbers). I wish I had gotten the Pumpkin Spice cupcake. I had one last weekend at the Delicious Food Show by the Cupcake Diner and it was a disappointment. It tasted like a dry carrot cake.

And here is my pumpkin:

I was ambitious when I started out but then I discovered my pumpkin was about two inches thick..  This is the design I wanted to use:

So I combined some painting and some carving. Next year will be better.

Happy Halloween kids!