Spring 2014

We are officially into spring and I am embracing it. It has been a long, thumb cold and all over the place winter. My head is about to explode after so many rises and falls in temperature and pressure. Although it looks like we have some more cold days ahead of us here are my inspirations for spring:

Spring InspirationTulips – Photo Credit: Set Fashion – Tulips are the quintessential spring flower. They are one of the first flowers to break through the remaining snow and give proof that spring is around the corner. I plan to fill my kitchen with tulips this spring to make it a more inviting and brighter space, illness to inspire delicious cooking and flavours.

Brunch – Photo Credit: The Huffington Post –  I know that seems very broad and not specific to spring but the center of any brunch plate is an egg and the center to all spring things is eggs. This spring I want to explore and wander through more neighbours and cap off every wandering with a delicious brunch.

Nautical things – Photo Credit: Oh So Lovely Vintage Blog – nautical design is just what you need after a long winter. Simple patterns, bold colours, and iconic imagery reminds one of the warm days ahead. I want to wear striped sweaters, cropped pants and boat shoes. I want to spend more days down by the water. I want to eat more seafood.

Three simple things to kick off the warm weather of 2014. Enjoy and spring forward!