Easter 2016

It is Easter Monday and seemingly everyone else is off from work except me. The subway was empty this morning; I didn’t have to do my typical wait on the train for 10 minutes in the tunnel north of St. Clair West while empty trains are sent through for more important people. The offices at work are empty and it is a slow, rainy day.


Easter weekend was relaxing, spent outside with beautiful weather and with amazing people. On Friday we made our traditional Italian pasta appetizers, calascioni. This is something that Ninni remembers making as a young girl in Italy, when these types of expensive meats and cheese could only be bought at Easter. This tradition has been passed on to me and Giancarlo and we now share this tradition with his best friend Nick and his wife, Rachel. The day is spent rolling out homemade pasta dough, cutting out perfect circles, filling each ravioli-like pocket with the meat and cheese mixture and baking in the oven until they are golden and oozing cheese. After a few hours of hard work, we enjoyed dinner, wine and Yahtzee.

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Movie – Letters to Juliet

LettersTo-101310-0015A few weeks ago I was feeling in a romantic-comedy-movie night-type of mood and I decided to watch Letters to Juliet. The movie is nothing remarkable to comment on but the views of Italy and food are reason enough to watch this movie.

Gael GarcĂ­a Bernal’s character is starting an Italian restaurant in New York City so on their pre-honeymoon he and Amanda Seyfried travel through Italy and visit Parmesan factories, wineries and learn to cook from local Nonna’s. This is Seyfried’s version of hell, this would be my ultimate honeymoon. The image above of Bernal making fresh pasta while drinking a glass of red wine is like porn to me.

This movie has caused Italy to move up on my unofficial “Places to Visit” list and has sparked an interest in all things Italian.