Common Goods: Muvbox

This summer Harbourfront Centre is introducing to Toronto to Muvbox: steel shipping containers that have been re-purposed into solar powered kitchens. Muvbox is an international project, having locations in New York City, Montreal and Paris. Harbourfront Centre is lucky enough to have three boxes: Sully’s Honest Dogs, Lobster Roll and Blue Goose. Last week I meet my sister Liz after work and we checked out the food crates.

I ordered the lobster roll with a side kettle chips and pomegranate with hibiscus ginger soda from Lobster Roll.

IMG_3995This lobster roll was amazing! One of the best that I have had. There was huge and excessive chunks of lobster in the bun. There was enough meat to make up a whole lobster with 4 claws. There was an appropriate amount of mayo in the lobster; not enough that it becomes water and excessively creamy but enough to hold all the delicate sweet lobster together. The salad was dotted with fresh, crispy chunks of celery which added another level of freshness to the roll. The bun was perfectly toasted and buttery. This is also one of the bigger lobster rolls I have eaten. The price is right too: $10.95

The soda I ordered was the pomegranate with hibiscus from Fresh Ginger. I first tried this about a month ago when we were in Buffalo, and I thought it was one of those delicious things that can only be found in America. But no! You can get it here!!! It is so delicious you should all venture down to Harbourfront for this alone.

Liz ordered the organic beef burger from Blue Goose.

IMG_3996Everything was delicious and there is even more deliciousness to try. Sully’s has hot dogs inspired by the neighbourhoods and flavours of Toronto: “The Danforth” (thick Tzatziki, olive tapenade and feta), “Hot Dogchimi” (sesame glass noodles, kimchi, roasted garlic mayo and wakame seaweed), “Banh Mi Dog” (mango salad, hot mustard, bean sprouts, sweet chili glaze and fresh basil) “Ano Yan” (crushed pineapple salsa, caramelized onions, pork rinds and garlic mayo) and “Little India” (vindaloo Curry, yogurt and mint).

5 different types of hot dogs to try – I am so down to spend my summer trying new hot dogs with unique and Toronto-inspired recipes. The food crates are only open seasonly and will close in October. You have four months to get down to the water and enjoy some food and some sun! Do it!

Happy munching!