Movie – Letters to Juliet

LettersTo-101310-0015A few weeks ago I was feeling in a romantic-comedy-movie night-type of mood and I decided to watch Letters to Juliet. The movie is nothing remarkable to comment on but the views of Italy and food are reason enough to watch this movie.

Gael García Bernal’s character is starting an Italian restaurant in New York City so on their pre-honeymoon he and Amanda Seyfried travel through Italy and visit Parmesan factories, wineries and learn to cook from local Nonna’s. This is Seyfried’s version of hell, this would be my ultimate honeymoon. The image above of Bernal making fresh pasta while drinking a glass of red wine is like porn to me.

This movie has caused Italy to move up on my unofficial “Places to Visit” list and has sparked an interest in all things Italian.


Bilbo’s Pantry

Peter Jackson sitting in Bilbo’s Pantry.

Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit is currently out in theatres. We went to see it a week ago and my favourite part was at the beginning when the dwarfs take over Bilbo’s house. We are shown the inside of his hobbit hole and the bounty that is pouring out of Bilbo’s pantry. I love the depiction of this pantry. We are given an inside peek into the amount of food that hobbits keep on hand at all time in order to sustain all their various meals like elevensies and second breakfast. All the produce looks fresh and delicious. There are wheels of cheese, casks of ales, roasts of every type of meat possible and baskets of fruits and vegetables.  I also love that the pantry houses the various cooking utensils that are needed in preparing any food – spoons, knives, bowls and platters.

Stay tuned for more stills of this pantry and food from The Hobbit and check it out in theatres.

Happy movie watching!