We’re Getting Married!!!!!!!!

The past month and a half has been insane! On August 22nd GC and I got engaged. He asked with Scrabble:

IMG_4402And we asked (some) our bridal party with a peach pie:


We will be getting married on October 11th, prescription 2014. The next year is going to be filled with flowers, troche dresses but most importantly, menus and wedding cakes! Stay tuned for tasty updates!

Happy munching!



Peach Bourbon Cupcakes

Happy Birthday Caitlin! Her birthday was a couple of weeks ago and I made her Peach Bourbon Cupcakes – capturing the tastes of summer and her taste for Jack Daniels.IMG_4203IMG_4201These are amazing! Hints of bourbon and peach, nurse make these the perfect cupcakes for August. And my favourite part of this recipe – it makes a batch of 12 cupcaakes! Fun cupcakes and not in an excessive amount!? Amazing!! I would definitely suggest you all run out to the grocery store and pick up some fresh Ontario peaches and makes these cupcakes this weekend!

Recipe can be found here at Love and Olive Oil! Happy munching!

#6 – Try a New Sangria Recipe

I have discovered a new sangria recipe: Sparkling white peach sangria from The Kitchn. Cross off #6 on the summer to-do- list!

2012_07_20-PeachPitcher1. This recipe is from the section of the website called “The 10-Minute Happy Hour” which is about how long a cocktail should take to make.

2. This is sweet, ampoule light and fizzy. It would be perfect on a hot summer day while out on a patio.

3. Instead of Moscato I used my go-to white wine, cheap Sibling Rivalry (a blended white wine with Riesling, Chardonnay and Gewurztraminer) and I added Grand Marnier. I also added raspberry which were a nice compliment to the peach flavours.

This is the sangria I will be making all summer long. Happy drinking!

Peach Pie

Peaches are in season and I had 6 people at my house last weekend = the perfect reason to make a peach pie.

This is my third attempt at a pie (1. Lemon Meringue 2. Strawberry Rhubarb and 3. Peach Pie) and I still find pie tricky. Obviously I don’t expect to be an expert after only 3 attempts but it is still frustrating.

1. I didn’t roll out my bottom crust large enough which resulted in the pie insides spilling over the crust. However, my top crust looked pretty good if I do say so myself. I need to work on how I seal the two crusts together. I just smush everything together and hope it looks ok.

2. I combined two recipes for the inside of this pie crust. I wanted to add some spices to bring out the sweetness of the peaches so I found a recipe that included nutmeg and cinnamon. For the crust I used the recipe from the Crisco website – yes, shortening makes everything better.

3. Peeling peaches is annoying. This is a great page to check out for step by step guide on how to do it (it’s not hard but who doesn’t like instructions with accompanying photos/illustrations?), it is just tedious. But it is worth it.

4. I baked this wrong… It is supposed to bake for 15 minutes at a higher temperature and then at a lower temperature for the remaining 40 minutes. Oops, didn’t do that. I baked it at 350F for 20 minutes, then realized I had messed up, put the oven up to 450F for 15 minutes and then back down to 350F for the remaining 20 minutes. Apparently you can do this because it turned out beautiful.

Grab some Ontario peaches and vanilla ice cream and enjoy a fresh pie. Happy munching!

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