Hey! Restaurant

At the end of July (oh.my.god) I went to Hey! Restaurant with Theresa and GC. Hey! is a cozy, rustic restaurant in Ronscevalles with a farmhouse kitchen vibe to it. It has that annoying trait that Hey! Meatball also has where you order at the counter and then you sit. I’m not into that. I am not at McDonald’s or a high school cafeteria, please take my order at my table. We sat at the back of the restaurant overlooking the kitchen which in the July heat was a terrible idea but I love watching other people cook.

I ordered the Peter Peameal with peameal, lettuce, tomato jam and a fried egg with balsamic mustard on bread.

GC ordered the Sammy Sausage.

IMG_1078The Sammy Sausage with scrambled eggs, sausage, onion and aioli on a bun.

The sandwiches were good but not my favourite. The buns were slightly too firm making it difficult to bite into and get a proper mouthful of sandwich. There was not enough inside the sandwich for how much bread there was. The condiments were good which is not surprising. When you walk into the restaurant there are shelves upon shelves of pickled things which make tasty sandwich toppings.

The sides were underwhelming and in limited quantity.

Theresa ordered the pancakes.

IMG_1081The pancakes with whipped cream, maple syrup and fruit compote.

Theresa said these pancakes were good. They did not fall victim to the misfortune that most big pancakes fall to of being undercooked in the middle. They were fluffy and cooked throughout. The fruit compote was the perfect balance of sweet and tart, the perfect pancake topping.

Hey! specializes in sandwiches and I was less than impressed with their offerings. As The Ace and Cafe Polonez are close to this restuarant I don’t think I will be eating there again any time soon.

Happy munching!

Fanny Chadwick’s

Another weekend, another brunch. We went to Fanny Chadwick’s (another restaurant on the BlogTO list – #19) for brunch with our friends Nick and Rachel. FC’s is located in the Annex on the main floor of an old Victorian house. It has a very cozy, farmhouse feel to it – white wooden chairs, hardwood floors, and booths with bright, vibrant fabric.
The brunch menu is simple and highlights quality ingredients that are farmed ethically. They only serve naturally raised meats and poultry from local, ethical farmers sourced through Close to the Bone. The farm fresh eggs are from small flock pastured hens from Green Meadow Eggs. All of fish and seafood are Ocean Wise certified and sourced through De La Mer. The artisanal cheeses are from Mennonite farms and sourced through Art of Cheese.
The highlight of the brunch menu would have to be the Build Your Own Benny where you can literally top your Benny with anything and everything. Despite the fact that egg’s Benedict is my favourite breakfast food I opted for something a little different. I ordered the Stuffed Finnish Pancakes.
IMG_5575Stuffed Finnish Pancakes -crepe like pancakes stuffed with goat cheese and pears roasted in olive oil, basil and maple syrup, topped with sea salt and honey served with peameal.
 This was a ridiculous amount of food. I don’t think I needed a side of peameal with it, salad would have been lighter and more fitting with the crepes. But the crepes! The crepes were thin and cooked all the way through. The filling was thick and luscious. I wish the cheese had been mascarpone instead of goat cheese, it would have been sweeter and worked in better compliment with the pears. The pears were sweet, soft and delicious. The pears were flavoured strongly by the maple syrup, but the basil and olive oil could not be tasted. My favourite part was the sea salt. It added the perfect amount of salty contrast that brought out the richness and depth of the cheese and pears. Yum, yum, yum.
GC, Nick and Rachel ordered the special of the day, the PLT.
IMG_5574The PLT – a buttermilk scone with lettuce, tomatillo, guacamole, peameal, a fried egg and lime-basil aioli with potato hash or salad.
I was jealous of their breakfasts – how could you not? They all loved this. And of course, another ridiculous amount of food. We all loved our brunch experience here and all want to go back to enjoy the rest of their menu.  I think you should check it out too.
Happy munching!