Blackberry Corn Pops

Another recipe from People’s Pops – Blackberry Corn pops.

I was incredibly interested in this recipe because it is such a unique combination. Unfortunately, it does nothing for me. The problem is that this pop is layered so you don’t get a successful melding and interacting of flavours. The blackberry layer is sweet, and tart and perfect. The corn layer on the other hand tastes like eating baby food, or what I would imagine eating baby food tastes like. It is terrible. GC has discovered the taking the pop off the stick and mushing it all together works out better.

Recipe below the cut! Happy munching.

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Strawberry & Balsamic Pops

Don’t be turned off by these pops – balsamic vinegar and fruits are a natural and perfect combination due to the sweetness of the vinegar. The tartness in these pops comes from the strawberries. I would actually suggest using slightly more balsamic in these pops to make the flavour really stand out and give you that sweet tang you are looking for from the balsamic. The balsamic gives the pops a deep maroon colour. I strain every batch of pops I make so it’s just pure juiciness.

I have two pop recipe books and both contain a recipe for these pops. I made the recipe from The People’s Pops which uses a larger amount of balsamic. I am not going to try the recipe from Perfect Pops because I think the recipe could use more balsamic and that recipe uses barely any. Although I am incredibly intrigued by the addition of ground black pepper. I am going to leave you with both recipes and you can decide which recipe to munch on.

Happy munching!

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